SAVE YOUR PUPPY! How to give your puppy CPR.

How to Give

Your Puppy


Your CPR certification for adults does not automatically mean you also know

the correct way to perform CPR on a fragile puppy. Chest compressions for

adult humans and dogs involve forceful motions, with one hand on top of the

other on the surface of the chest. However, this sort of force may break a

puppy's ribs. Learn the steps to modified respiration and CPR for puppies to

increase their chance of survival.

We Care, But Are Unprepared for Pet Emergencies


of dog owners

would be 65% Women are

somewhat likely more likely than

(or more) to give men to be

CPR to their pet willing to do so


Only 20% 54%

of all pet owners don't have an

have animal first emergency fire

aid kits evacuation plan

for their pet

Though our hearts are in the right places,

we need to know how to care for our pets in an emergency

CPR on Puppies With Injury or Illness

Choking, injuries or illnesses may result in your puppy's

heart or breathing stopping

CPR may save him

Check for heartbeat

and breathing

Have another

If no puse, person call your If a pulse but no breathing,

skip directly to CPR veterinarian perform artificial respiration


while you begin


Artificial Respiration

Clear blood or

mucus from airway If you see an object,

attempt to dislodge

Pull out your puppy's do not perform CPR if

tongue to ensure his puppy's airway is

airways is unobstructed blocked

When certain the airway is

clear, shut his mouth and

secure his lips with a hand

under his chin

Cup his nose with your other

hand to create a sealed tube

with your hands

Exhale gently through Continue until he begins

hands into puppy's to breathe

nose every

5-6 seconds If his heart stops beating,

proceed to CPR


Small puppy:

Place the thumbs and

forefingers of both hands

around the puppy's chest,

Large puppy: just behind front legs--

Lay puppy on his right side the heart is located her

Compress chest Repeat breathing into

1 time per second the puppy's nose

every 6 seconds

Continue until he begins to breathe,

assistance arrives, or the puppy is still

unresponsive after several minutes

CPR on Newborn Puppies

If a puppy in the litter is born without breathing, you may

be able to save her with artificial respiration and CPR

Have another person

call your veterinarian

immediately while you

begin resuscitation

Lower the head

so gravity can assist in

draining fluid from her

mouth, throat and lungs Use a suction

bulb to remove

excess fluid

mouth, nose

Ensure the puppy's and throat

airway is clear

Deliver 2-3 small

Close your mouth breaths--remember

around her a puppy's lungs are

mouth and nose very small, so to

avoid damage,

do not fully exhale

Be advised: certain diseases may be transmitted

to human through contact with affected puppies or their birth fluids

Feel for a heartbeat

by placing fingers on

the chest wall, or use

a stethoscope

If no heartbeat:

Place the thumbs and forefingers of

both hands around the puppy's chest,

just behind front legs--the heart is

located here

Compress the puppy's chest rapidly

Until you receive a response,

continue, administering small

breaths to her mouth and nose every

15-20 seconds

Each minute, check again for a

heartbeat or signs of breathing

If a heartbeat returns:

Turn her in your hands or hold by

her scruff. Rub the puppy with a

towel to stimulate. Administer

breaths if necessary

Continue caring for her for

roughly 20 minutes

If still no heartbeat:

Continue CPR for

roughly 5 minutes

If no results after this time,

she will likely not live

CPR Success Rate is Slim--But Worthwhile

While about 1 in 7 to 1 in 3 people may be saved by CPR...

Fewer than 1 in 10 pets will survive with CPR

The American Red Cross offers

pet safety and CPR courses.


Put safety first: prepare for

tomorrow by training today.

SAVE YOUR PUPPY! How to give your puppy CPR.

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If you didn't know, well now you know. That puppies need CPR too, not only do they need it when they are drowning or choking its a different method that is used on humans. The graphic tells you everyt...
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