Ringling Brothers Animal Cruelty Exposed

Ringling Bros.

The saddest show on earth

Beats Animals

Behind the bright lights and coorful costumes, Ringling is hiding a cruel dark side. Check out the facts below to learn how Ringling peddles animal abuse, not family fun, at every show.

21 months old: The average age at which elephants are taken away from their mothers and begin cruel training.

50 years old: Several elephants are a half-century old and still dragged from city to city by Ringling.

That's over 48 years of torture.

Ringling's elephants travel in poorly ventilated boxcars for up to 50 weeks a year, averaging 25,000 miles annually.

Elephants can live for up to 70 years in the wild, but when they are forced to perform for Ringling, they only live to be, on average, 39 years old.

That's 31 years stolen by the circus.

Approximately 18 elephants are suffering on the road with Ringling right now.

While traveling, elephants are shackled in cramped, unsanitary, poorly ventilated filthy boxcars for up to 100 hours straight.

What really happens under the big top?

Take a peek!

For elephants, standing on their head is no trick - it is torture.

This is what circus workers commonly use to train them and force them to perform:

Whips Chains Bullhooks

The skin around elephants' eyes, mouth, and anus, where they are most often struck, is paper thin.

Painful tricks, constant travel, and improper medical care lead to foot problems and arthritis, the leading reasons why captive elephants in the U.S are euthanized.

Elephants often suffer from large abscesses, tuberculosis, depression and aggression after being denied the opportunity to follow their natural instincts.

Ringling's death toll

(1993 to 2011)

29 elephants

Ringling paid the USDA $270,000 for animal welfare violations, the largest fine ever paid by an animal exhibitor.

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Ringling Brothers Animal Cruelty Exposed

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Behind the bright lights and colorful costumes, the Ringling Bros. circus is hiding a cruel, dark truth. Ringling doesn't want you to know what really happens to the animals who are forced to perform ...
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