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How to Prevent Gum Disease in Cats

How to Preuent Gum Diseases in Cats Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is common in cats. Gum disease is a frequent problem in cats regardless of age and by the time you notice a problem the disease is usually at an advanced stage. Daily brushing of your cat's teeth, coupled with regular dental checkups by a veterinarian, will prevent periodontal disease. Brush the teeth Healthy Mouth Dental Diseases Total Cat's 100% 80% Brush your cat's teeth every day with specially formulated tooth- paste like Four Paws Petdental Flavored Toothpaste. If 60% 40% your cat has gum disease, your veterinarian has several methods to treat it, including oral antibiotics and professional teeth cleaning. 2% 20% Cat Owners 0% brushing cat's teeth Cat Dental rinses or gels % OF CAT OWNERS WHO GIVE A DAILY TREAT (BY AGE) 30 20 24% For cats one of the most sensible options is an antiseptic liquid (often containing chlorhexidine) that you put in their drinking water which can have the added benefit of freshening your breath. These products work by killing off some of the bacteria in the mouth before they have a chance to cause disease. 16% 10 14% 12% cat's 11% Special dental food Serve hard, crunchy food to your cat. The texture helps prevent plaque from building up on teeth. Some vets still say that plain old dry kibble helps keep your cat's teeth clean. If you want to help prevent dental disease with your choice and choose one that has been scientifically proven to decrease plaque formation. Ask your vet for their preferred dental health diet, which is often only available by prescription. GRILLED of food, do your research FLAKED SLICED Regular dental checkups Take your cat to a veterinarian for regular dental checkups. The vet will examine your cat and recommend treatment, necessary. Even if you brush your cat's teeth, your pet will likely need to have its teeth cleaned by a veterinarian occasionally. if Warnings Never use a human toothpaste. The ingredients in human toothpastes can cats sick. Source: http://www.vethelpdirectcom/vetblog/2011/00/10/XE2%80XOCplease-don%E2%80xo0t-tell-me-i-have-to-brush-my-catXE2%80%00s-teeth-because-1XE2X80%004 rather-keep-my-fingers-ZE2%80%ODA Credits : 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 ------ - - - - - - - -- - - ---- - - - -- - - -- ----- - --

How to Prevent Gum Disease in Cats

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Dental problems are the most common disease that we see in cats. Find out here how to prevent gum disease in cats. Keeping your cat's mouth healthy and clean are important steps in preventing many den...


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