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Common Diseases in Cats & Dogs

COMMON Diseases in Cats & Dogs Parasitic Diseases Parasites are found both internally and externally in cats and dogs and are very contagious. The most common external parasites include lice, fleas, mites, and ticks. Ratio Analysis Of Parasites In Pets 600 2000 180 160 140 540 480 420 120 360 100 300 80 240 60 40 180 20 120 FMA M J J A SON D I Roundworm I Hookworm I Tapeworm 60 Ratings I Bacteria Parasites 1Others/Multiple Parasites | Dogs - 12 Month Trend Gastrointestinal Diseases These viral diseases are often difficult to treat, and highly contagious in both cats and dogs. Šeparate canine and feline strains exist in the Parvovirus. FortiFlora is a nutrițional supplement used to improve and maintain the balance of your dog or cat's intestinal health by improving microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract. Rabies Rabies This is a very serious disease that is highly contagious, and it is transmitted through saliva of an infected animal. I Cats (68%) I Dogs (21%) 1 Other (12%) Reported Cases Of Rabies - 2012 Upper Respiratory Diseases Respiratory System Just like humans, cats and dogs endure flu and cold like illnesses too. Nasal and Sinus Cavity Laryns Upper respiratory diseases cause mañy similar symptoms to the human flu and cold. Trachea common-dtveae-in-cata-and- Credits :

Common Diseases in Cats & Dogs

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There are certain diseases that are more common in cats and dogs. Learn about it to follow right measures and treatment for your pets.




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