The 15 most beautiful aquarium fish in the world

The 15 Most Beautiful Aquarium Fish in the World

Banggai Cardinal Fish

Scientific Name:

Family Name:

Origin: Banggai Islands of Indonesia

Blueface Angelfish

Scientific Name: Pterapogon Kauderni

Family Name: Apogonidae (Cardinalfishes)

Origin: Banggai Islands of Indonesia


Scientific Name: Premnas Biaculeatus

Family Name: Pomacentridae

Origin: Indian and Pacific oceans ,Great Barrier Reef and Red Sea

Clown Triggerfish

Scientific Name: Balistoides Conspicillum

Family Name: Balistidae

Origin: Tropical Indo Pacific

Dwarf Gourami

Scientific Name: Trichogaster Lalius

Family Name: Osphronemidae

Origin: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Flame Angelfish

Scientific Name: Centrophyge Loricula

Family Name: Pomacanthidae

Origin: Oceania, Most common in Marshall, Line, and Cook Islands

French Angelfish

Scientific Name: Pomacanthus Paru

Family Name: Pomacanthidae

Origin: Western Atlantic from Florida and Bahamas to Brazil

Juvenile Emperor Angelfish

Scientific Name: Pomacanthus Imperator

Family Name: Pomacanthidae

Origin: Indian, Pacific Ocean From Red Sea to Hawaii and Austral Islands

Lyretail Anthias

Scientific Name: Pseudanthias Squamipinnis

Family Name: Serranidae

Origin: Scuba Divers in the Indian Ocean


Scientific Name: Synchiropus Splendidus

Family Name: Callionmymidae

Origin: Pacific Ocean

Moorish Idol

Scientific Name: Zanclus Cornutus

Family Name: Zanclidae

Origin: Greek


Scientific Name: Scarus Ceruleus

Family Name: Scaridae

Origin: Coral Reefs, Rocky Coasts and Seagrass Beds


Scientific Name: Balistidae

Family Name: Ballistidae

Origin: Coral Reefs

Regal Tang

Scientific Name: Paracanthurus Hepatus

Family Name: Acanthuridae

Origin: Indo-Pacific

Symphysodon Discus

Scientific Name: Symphysodon

Family Name: Cichlidae

Origin: Amazon River

The 15 most beautiful aquarium fish in the world

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Fish are beautiful creatures that have the most amazing colors and markings here this are 15 most beautiful aquarium fishes in the world.
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