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Your Complete Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist

YOUR COMPL ETE CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN CHECKLIST Launching a crowdfunding campaign may be exciting, but it's also exhausting. Use this checklist to help you through the hectic months ahead! GET READY TO ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES AND PRE-LAUNCH LAY THE FOUNDATION FOR A STRONG CAMPAIGN CHOOSE A PROJECT MANAGEMENT APP (LIKE WRIKE!) PICK YOUR PLATFORM To help you plan your project, keep tasks and files in order, and coordinate with your team. Need some help? Here's a breakdown of the most popular platforms by project type: SET UP YOUR BUSINESS FRAMEWORK Open a designated business bank account and get all your organization's documents in order. READ UP ON CROWDFUNDING TAX LAWS HONE YOUR "ELEVATOR PITCH" The last thing you want is an unexpected What value does your project offer? visit from the IRS.'s "Understanding Crowdfunding and Taxes" guide has all the details. Determine your target market, and make sure your project summary (and every other piece of copy you write) speaks to them. DETERMINE YOUR BUDGET 0. Calculate project costs, promotional expenses, shipping, etc. with a crowdfunding budget tool from SET A REALISTIC TIMELINE RESEARCH PAST CAMPAIGNS UNDED] [FUNDED] Build in some cushion for unexpected delays to help you stay on track & deliver the final product on time. Read up on similar projects for lessons on what works – and what doesn't. PREPARE YOUR CAMPAIGN PAGE Show some personality, tell your story, and make a great first impression with appealing visuals. DETERMINE REWARDS PLAN THE FULFILLMENT PROCESS Where, when & how will you produce what you're promising? What shipping carrier will you use? How much will it Be creative, have fun, and offer a wide range of contribution levels. You never know who will contribute more to your campaign if you don't provide the opportunity! all cost? CREATE CONTACT LISTS Include friends & family you know will support your project so you can notify them the moment your campaign launches. They'll provide initial momentum and contribute those critical first donations. MAKE A MARKETING PLAN CREATE YOUR COMMUNITY Create a Facebook fan page, get your Compile a list of bloggers & journalists you can contact once your campaign starts gaining traction. Find relevant Twitter influencers & Facebook groups Twitter & Instagram accounts up and running, and start a product blog or website with a page for pre-orders. to help spread the word. LAUNCH YOU'RE UP AND RUNNING! FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO BUILD MOMENTUM AND CARRY YOUR PROJECT ACROSS THE FINISH LINE GENERATE BUZZ BE SOCIAL f Write your press release, and Use your established social start contacting your list of networks to spread the word and journalists and bloggers. connect with new people every day. ENGAGE WITH BACKERS Respond to emails and social media mentions, and listen to new suggestions. You might get a few golden ideas for improving your project! SEND CAMPAIGN UPDATES Celebrate successes and milestones with supporters, share new developments, and add ambitious stretch goals to keep excitement high. YOU MADE IT – HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND! JUST DON'T CELEBRATE POST-CAMPAIGN FOR TOO LONG; IT'S TIME TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH FULFILLMENT THANK YOUR BACKERS SEND PRODUCTION UPDATES AUG Thank You! XXXXX First, express gratitude to your supporters. Update your campaign It can be difficult for backers to wait for rewards, so help bridge page, send emails, and post to the gap with regular updates. social media with heartfelt thanks. START THE FULFILLMENT PROCESS Begin production, match backers with rewards, and start shipping packages. SET UP AN ONLINE STORE BUY NOW! To continue taking orders from anyone who missed your campaign. GOOD LUCK! And if you're gearing up for your BROI TO YOU BY Wrike first ever campaign, check out our Ultimate Crowdfunding Toolkit here: SOURCES: Award-winning project management and collaboration software;; %24

Your Complete Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist

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Online crowdfunding is a growing trend, and it works for some. But a lot of people are failing and wondering: Why? Why them and not me? This checklist will take you step-by-step through what you n...




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