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What Websites Are Made Of

WHAT ARE WEBSITES MADE OF? The most popular mark up languages, servers and hosting on the web What are the most popular web development languages? * PHP 31% ASPnet 21% Ruby On Rails 196% Based on the top 17,000 websites 48% of httparchive's 17,000 websites use Flash The most commonly used mark up languages 50% 100% HTML 36.0% ХНТML 65.1% "Some websitos used both markup languages 26% of httparchive's websites contain errors 26% of the pages belonging to the 17,000 websites found in httparchive retuma 404 or 503 header response• Who's using HTML5? 2.63% SPU ByJuly 2011 there were 24,175 websites using the HTML5 doctype. That's only 263% of the top million websites on the intemet Which analytics tool is most popular? Just how much information is out there? 58% Google Analytics - 2005 Less than half a trillion gigabytes 58% of the top 10,000 websites use Google Analytic • 2010 More than 1 trillion gigabytes • 2015 (projected) Nearly 8 trillion gigabytes In the last five years, the digital universe has doubled in size. In another ten years there will be as many bits in the digital universe as there are stars in the sky. By 2015, more than 25% of the intemet will be hosted on virtual machines 62% of the intemet is currently hosted on Apache that's 203,609,890 domains What's using all the space? The bloggers can take some credit, with 164,649,004 blogs in existence in July 2011. Email loves to munch up the internet! So, what actually makes up a blog post? • 107 trillion emails Scripts were sent in 2010 135KB Flash 87KB HTML 37KB • 90 trillion emails were sent in 2009 Images 482KB Other 30KB - Stylesheets Total: 798KB (average size) 28KB It doesn't look like email will be dying out anytime soon Factoid: To back up a year's worth of blog posts by the Wordpress community, you would need 2,375 double layer blu ray discs Ratic:1100 46.9% of intemet users around the world are using Intemet Explorer to view websites 30.8% use Firefox 14.9% use Chrome • BitTorrent - 28.40% BitTorrent users downloading audio, visual and software files HTTP-18.08% Referring to webpage requests and downloads YouTube -1.93% In the UK, BBC's iPlayer service accounts for 6.6% of peak period download traffic In the USA, Netflix accounts for 29.7% of peak downstream traffic Gigabit internet speeds Google Fiber is an experiment in Kansas City to roll out high speed broadband capable of delivering 1gigabit connection speeds "When you are watching video today, streaming is a very common practice. At gigabit speeds a video file can be transferred faster than you can watch it, so you could download an hour's worth of video in 15 seconds and watch it at your leisure." - Vint Cerf, Google Factoid: Sources: Sadly, a1gigabit connection is stillnot fast enough to transport a human being via a Star Trek matter transporter! language/all -2011-web-surver-survey emc-digital-universe-2011/index.htm -in-numbers/ -in-numbers/ cerf_streaming_network_crunch_could_be_eliminated Assuming that each atom in the human body can be trasmitted in one bit, it would still take 10000000000000 years to download all the information on one human. Who's chewing up my bandwidth? LD

What Websites Are Made Of

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This infographic provides information about the technological aspects of how websites are made. It shows what the most popular web development languages are and other inner workings of the websites.


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