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Your Boarding Pass To Adventure

SINGAPORE A EMANAGEMENT GLOBAL EXPOSURE INFOGRAPHIC UNIVERSITY Your boarding pass to ADVENTURE Travelling is an opportunity to explore, enjoy and immerse your- self in a new culture. Venturing overseas will help you become GLOBALLY CONNECTED CULTURALLY ADAPTIVE Fand - and it's something SMU knows you'll cary with you even after your flight home. As an SMU studert, your education will push you to become BOLD CONFIDENT ARTICULATE With SMU's interactive education and global exposure opportu nities, you will graduate as a * WELL-ROUNDED * person, ready to take on the world More than . • 80% • of SMU students I. TRAVEL GLOBALLY. Plan ahead to take in the sights, meet new people and enjoy your travel 1 PLAN Your trip starts before your plane even takes off. Planning plays a huge role in ensuring your trip is fun and that you don't spend aluable time in another country worrying about places to stay or visit. 1.1 O USER REVIEWS There are many user review sites available that include honest and accurate descriptions of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions from people who have experlenced It all first hand. > CHECK IT QUT: 1.2 O TRUSTED PARTNERS Travel through your school. SMÚ HAS 218 agreements WORLDWIDE PARTNER UNIVERSITIES, meaning students have ample optors when choosing where to go. SMU FUN FACT SMU is a relatively small but specialised univer- sity in the world of business and management. SMALLER IS BETTER. With around 8,000 students and just as many partners as larger universilies, less compelilion means more iravelling choices. CHECK IT OUT: TOP 6 MOST POPULAR DESTINATIONS for SMU student travels SWEDEN FRANCE -CANADA SOUTH KOREA UNITED STATES * Travelling will result in LEARNING BEYOND CLASSROOM KEY: O countries where our partners are ocated and holp you to bocomo culturally adaptive. FRANCE UNITED STATES SOUTH KOREA CANADA SWEDEN 1.3 RESEARCH SMU offers NTERNATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGES, SUMMER STUDY PROGRAMMES, overseas study missions, OVERSEAS INTERNSHIPS COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECTS. ŠMU wants to cnable students to travel globally, which is why t offers different programmes and financial aid to meet your individual noods. DID YOU KNOW? -... Travelling is a very • . HUMBLING EXPERIENCE. It takes you out of your comfort zone and will make you appreciate things you take for granted at home. E SMU FUN FACT SMU students have TRAVELLED TO MORE THAN 20 countries to help the needy through a variety of humanilarian services. Our students develop a A KEEN SENSE OF ETHICS and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY from the 80 HOURS of local and overseas COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECTS as part of ther cumculum. Be sure to buy a 1.4 O SIM CARD OR RENT A PHONE LTE If your phone is not compatible with the local network whlle you are at the alrport. 4G LTE will come In handy when In need of the Internet to search for thinge or to see the map. 1.5 PACK LIGHT Fight the urge to pack one of everything and SMU PACK ONLY NECESSITIES. Stratogy is koy and includos packing clothos that you can mix and match and limiting the shocs you bring. * PLANNING ESSENTIALS * Research the type of luggage you're golng to use. Look for a If you do not intond to chock in your luggage, chock your airlino wobsite for the DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT BAG that comes with wheels. APPROVED HAND LUGBAGE SIZE СHЕСК П ОUТ: luggage PASSPORT Bring copies of your - PASSPORT. AN EXTRA ZIPLOC BAG While it is unlikely that your passport will go missing on your trip, there is always the chance it could get stolen or lost. FOR TOILETRIES. You'll need one to get liquids, gols and toiletries through airport security. TRAVEL SMART 2 AIRPORT WEBSITES PROVIDE THE BEST DEALS 2.1 Take a few minutes to check the airport's website you'll be flying into. Not only does it list all of the carriers that offer services there, but it also shows charter airlines that won't show up in onlinę flight searc hes. COMPARE FARES KAYAK.COM 2.2 During the planning stagee, make sites such as your best friend. You can insert your route, click on the site's fare history charts, and it u will give you the loweet farese. SEARCH STRATEGICALLY 23 When scarching for flights, be as flxible as you can. By simply scarching for a fow days, rathcr than one spocific date, you'll havc a chancc to scc which day can provide the choapcst flight. MAKE FULL USE OF DUTY FREE DEALS 2.4 Forgot to bring something? Fret not most travellers don't know or forget that they can aso buy duty free products when they leave the country. Make full use of duty free doals to do your last minute shopping. DUTY FREE PHOTO GIVE YOUR LUGGAGE A PHOTO SHOOT 2.5 For longer trips, there's a good chance you'll probably have to check in a bag. If you do, take a photo of It that can be used to describe the bag it It gets lost on the fight. * FLIGHT ESSENTIALS Buy a travc-size bottle of hand sanitizar and use it. Stay hydratod. Order drinks without ice. The water used to make it may oontain various bacteria Take time to get up and stretch. Long fights can leave you feeing stiff and groggy- 3 YOU'RE THERE. NOW WHAT? Update your 3.1 O USE SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK OR TWITTER and be surprised! Frequently update your statuses to let your lamily and friends know how you're doing, and it can result in unexpected suggestions from fellow travellers who have been to the city you're exploring. -Take advantage of- * CAFES WITH FREE WIFI Iand connect on Skype or Face Time to chat lace-to-face with friends. 3.2 O EXPLORE ALTERNATIVE DWELLINGS Take your froc timc on the wockond to plan mini-trips and try now placos to stay. Many countries wll offer untque, cheper allernalkes le holela CHECK IT OUT: 3.3 O DON'T PREPAY IF YOUR PLANS AREN'T SET IN STONE GET DISCOUNTS OF 20% OR MORE •.• advanced booking from various tourist opportunitics and hotels. But be wary, as thcy arc usually more strict about cancecllations. Outsmart the crowde: 34 O TIMING IS EVERYTHING. At popular sights, t helps to elther arve early or visit later in the day. DID YOU KNOW? Take time to visit another country and sightscc. GLOBAL EXPOSURE WILL HELP YOU LEARN BEYOND THE CLASSROOM, give you an INTERNATIONAL MINDSET E BAIN INDEPENDENCE while receiving a HOLISTIC AND BROAD-BASED EDUCATION. SMU educates the entire person – mind, body and soul. Travel opportunities provide SMU students with an understanding outside the classroom. 3.5 SOUVENIR SHOPPING When you're travelling, be wary of sauvenirs that might not have been made in that country. Instoad, try soarching at grocory storos, hardware storos or convenience storos. AVOID ASKING FOR RECOMMENDATIONS Fyou'e staying at a hotel, it's tempt- ing to ask the stett for help. Instead, try asking tor ideas from people working in locally owmed stores. 3.6 O FROM HOTEL STAFF DID YOU KNOW? Taking the time to talk to locals could help you in the long run. Travelling and geling to know people in other countries can lead to exposure to GLOBAL CAREER OPPORTUNITIES and GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY. Rather than thc hassle of buying a phonc card, risk overcharges and usc your handphonc for a quick cal home. 3.7 QUICK CALLS * PHONE ESSENTIALS * EMAIL yourself your itinerary and confirmation emals for hotsls, attractions and other bookings. Use your phone's GPS OR MAP. Use SOCIAL MEDIA APPS to communicate and gain travelling advice. Use the CAMERA. SMU OFFERS ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES E OUR STUDENTS TO TRAVELS Whether it's devebping a sense of social responsibility or gaining exposure to global career opportunities, there is something out there for everyone. Travel, explore and don't forget to plan! CONNECT WITH US ON f y g+ o P SOURCES From t'he Office of Corparate Communications and Marketing. Sngapore Management University Accurate as of 18 Sept 2013. SMU Area Vbes, "The Ult imate Guide to Travelng Overseas" rarytraveling-oversaas SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY BootanAl, "Travel Tips for Glabetrotters" too Time, "50 Essemial Travel Tips",28757,1912492,00.htm

Your Boarding Pass To Adventure

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Before your plane takes off, there is seemingly endless research and planning to be done. Our global exposure infographic is filled with must-have survival tips and fun facts to keep your planning and...


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