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The World’s Strangest Museums

THE WORLD'S STRANGEST MUSEUMS Twine Ball Museum Minnesota, USA Ever wanted to see the largest ball of twine made by one man? Well head to Darwin, Minnesota where you'll find a whole museum dedicated to Francis Johnson's masterpiece. Constructed over 29 years, the ball of twine weighs 8.7 tons and is l11 feet high. Museum of Bad Art Massachusetts, USA The MOBA might not be as well known the MET, but it house as the MOMA art so bad it's good. From frightening self-portraits to unnatural nudes, there isn't a Picasso or van Gogh in sight at this unconventional gallery. The Dog Collar Museum Kent, UK Man's best friend's neckwear mightn't seem like the most fascinating subject but then you've probably not factored in the ornate collars of the Baroque period. The installation in Leeds Castle is home to a large collection of canine neckwear, spanning five centuries. Hair Museum Avanos, Turkey C What sounds like a creepy idea for a museum was initially quite sweet with a local potter hanging a lock of hair of a friend up in his shop to remember her by. Since then, the cave-like museum has amassed locks of hair from more than 16,000 women. The Icelandic Phallological Museum Reykjavik, Iceland In between trying to spot the Northern Lights, tourists can take a look at the museum's collection of more than 200 'penises and penile parts'. Main attractions include the private parts of various animals, including a 6ft blue whale 'member'. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets Delhi, India If toilets are your thing then you'll find some dating as far back as 2500BC at the International Museum of Toilets. The museum charts the evolution of the toilet, and the customs and laws relating to its use. British Lawnmower Museum O Southport, UK The humble lawnmower is the star of the show at this museum, which showcases a lawnmower belonging to Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Visitors are able to swot up on the history of the garden tool and view the world's first lawnmower. International Cryptozoology Museum Main USA As 'cryptozoology' is the study of unverified animals, mystical creatures only rumoured to exist in legend or belief, it'll come as no surprise that this museum is dedicated to the likes of the Yeti, mermaids and the Loch Ness Monster. Artefacts include hair samples, faecal matter and foot casts of animals it's unlikely ever existed. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum Ikeda-shi, Japan The creator of instant noodles, Momofuku Ando, is immortalised in stone on top of a cup of his culinary genius at this museum. Visitors also have the opportunity of 'making' their own noodles in a kitchen. Ando first created instant noodles as a way to feed impoverished survivors of World War II. Torture Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands Located in 'De Oude Steen' (the old stone), one of Europe's oldest prisons, the torture museum is home to some of the most brutal instruments of torture known to man. With more than a hundred torture and execution devices on show, this museum isn't for the faint-hearted. The Lunchbox Museum Georgia, USA Did you know that for a while lunchboxes were illegal in the US? Well, the lunchbox museum is full of interesting facts like this. The nostalgic museum is jam-packed with around 3,500 metal lunchboxes and their matching thermoses. Cancun Underwater Museum Cancun, Mexico 0 Visitors to this museum must don scuba gear and dive down to explore the exhibition of over 470 life-size 33www sculptures. There are also shallow areas for snorkelling and a glass-bottomed boat for viewing. The statues are made of pH-neutral clay in order to promote marine growth. Sewer Museum O Paris, France While you might associate Paris with the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, one of its more bizarre attractions is a 500m underground path that was once the capital's sewer system. Along the path visitors pass machines and models, both old and new, and discover more about the system's history. Barbed Wire Museum Kansas, USA Located in the so-called 'Barbed Wire Capital of the World', the museum looks at the history of barbed wire, with over 2,000 types of barbed wire on display. Barbed wire played a significant role in the history of the settlement of the United States, so maybe a museum dedicated to it is justified. Beijing Museum of Tap Water * Beijing, China Built on the site of the first water plant in Beijing, the museum uses photographs, models and maps to recount the history of the city's tap water. The museum reveals how the construction of pipelines was initially ordered as a way to fight fires that plagued Beijing. The Museum of Bread Culture Ebergötzen, Germany While the museum doesn't contain any bread, it does contain 16,000 artefacts relating to its history. Surprisingly the museum also contains art by Picasso and 6,000 pieces of written work about bread, and is the largest known collection revolving around bread's history. Meguro Parasitological Museum Tokyo, Japan This quirky little museum will make your skin crawl with displays including the world's longest tapeworm (measuring 8.8 metres) and giant herpetological parasites. Visitors can view over 45,000 immersed and prepared parasite specimens if they can stomach it! Emirates National Auto Museum Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates A pyramid in shape, the museum houses around 200 of Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan's cars. The collection includes a globe-shaped caravan, Mercedes in every colour of the rainbow for each day of the week and a military vehicle with a golfing range on top. The Museum of Broken 10 Relationships O Zagreb, Croatia Originally created by artists Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic as a way to heal after breakups, the exhibition revolves around the concept of failed relationships and their ruins. Displays include items donated by visitors as mementos of their own doomed relationships. Condom Museum Nonthaburi, Thailand Thailand is one of the world's largest producers of condoms, so it seems only fitting that this museum be located there. Once inside visitors are educated on the history of the condom and given demonstrations to show the strength and endurance of the items. The Bunny Museum California, USA The world-record holding museum has more than 28,000 bunny-related items on display. Among the curiosities on view are freeze-dried rabbits. The museum uses the slogan 'The Hoppiest Place in the World'. Sources Fly Abu Dhabi

The World’s Strangest Museums

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