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Why Utah has the greatest snow on earth

WHY UTAH HAS THE GREATEST SNOW ON EARTH With a unique blend of consistency and abundance, many consider Utah to have The Greatest Snow on Earth This graphic illustrates why Utah's snow never disappoints. IT DUMPS IN UTAH 1963 - 2011 Annual Snowfall 800 in 700 in 600 in 500 in 400 in 300 in 200 in 100 in O in Utah receives an average of 500 Inches of snowfall every year 70 ft 60 ft 500in of 60ft electric pole 50 ft snowfall 40 ft 20ft tall 30 ft Giraffe 20 ft 10 ft EVERY YEAR UTAH EXPERIENCES.. 250 40 18 Days of Winter Snowstorms Monster Dumps* *12 inches of snow more UTAH IS PERFECT FOR SKIING Snow with less than Snow with Snow with more than 3% water 4%-14% water 15% water PERFECT SNOW For Skiing The perfect mix of powder with salt content WET SNOW Heavy Weight DRY SNOW Light Weight Utah 8.5% average snow density "The best deep powder skiing is not found in the lightest snow, but rather in snow with enough "body' to provide good flotation for the running ski." -Ed LaChappelle Legendary Avalanche Expert & Skier WHY? THE LAKE EFFECT Locals don't call it the GREAT Salt Lake for nothing! A storm develops in the Pacific Ocean and is headed toward the Sierra Nevada Mountains. FLUFFY SNOW When the storm hits the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it drops with about 10 percent to 12 percent moisture density. DENSE BASE Then the clouds dry out as the storm continues east into 3 Utah where the average snow density is 8.5 percent. After crossing the Great Salt Lake, the storm gets colder and drier as it progresses. Great Salt Lake This causes the snowfall to leave a slightly denser excellent base on the bottom and fluffier, lighter snow on top. Sierra Nevada Mountains Utah Mountains 6 Under these cold, relatively dry conditions, light crystal-type snowflakes called dendrites are produced. Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean These dendrites are thin and symmetrical in shape, and they float down through the cold atmosphere, accumulating like fluffy down or powder on Utah mountains. LESS TRAVEL TIME = MORE TIME SKIING 11 ski resorts within an hour of Salt Lake City, International Airport. Utah boasts with... Priceless 656 7 of the 10 top rankings for resort access are Utah Resorts - Ski Magazine Survey Wake up in your own bed and be on the slopes by noon Daily departures to 84 nonstop Destinations Utah Mountain Resorts Brian Head CEDAR Eagle Point Sundance HEBER Alta Brighton ( Snowbird ( PROVO/OREM Deer Valley Park City Mtn Resort Solitude PARK CITY Canyons BALT LAKE Snowbasin Powder Mtn Salt Lake City International Airport Grent Bat Lahe OGDEN Wolf Mountain Beaver Mtn SKI UTAH LOGAN That's half the size of OVER 28,000 LIFT-SERVED DELAWARE! Skiable Acres Beaver Mountain 828 acres 4,200 acres Cat Skiing Powder Mountain 2,800 acres 7,000 acres Snowbasin 3,300 acres Brighton 1,050 acres Canyons Resort 4,000 acres Park City Mountain 3,300 acres Solitude 1,200 acres Deer Valley 2.026 acres Snowbird 2,500 acres 375 Cat Alta 2,200 acres 2,575 acres Sundance 450 adres Wolf Mountain 110 acres Eagle Point 600 acres Brian Head 665 acres Choose from Together, that's the distance from OVER 1,200 SKI RUNS SALT LAKE TO VEGAS 30 Runs Beaver Mountain 154 Runs Powder Mountain 113 Runs Snowbasin 66 Runs Brighton 176 Runs Canyons Resort 114 Runs Park City Mountain 65 Runs Solitude 100 Runs Deer Valley 89 Runs Snowbird 116 Runs Alta 41 Runs Sundance 20 Runs Wolf Mountain 40 Runs Eagle Point Brian Head 85 Runs 200 150 100 50 Utah Offers Over 31,000 TOTAL VERTICAL FEET TO SKI That would be like skiing from the top of EVEREST TO SEA LEVEL 4,000 ft 3,240 ft 3,190 ft 3,100 ft 2,950 ft 3,000 ft 3,000 ft 2,205 ft 2,047 ft 2,150 ft 2,023 ft 2,000 ft 1,745 ft 1,600 ft 1,500 ft 1,320 ft 1,000 ft 1,000 ft ft SOURCES: SKI UTAH INCHES 696 1971 EL6L 1975 LL6 646I 1981 E86 I 1985 L86 E007 2005 LO07 6007 LLOZ Beaver Mountain 2.000 Pow der Mountain ujsegmous 3000 Brighton Canyons Resort 4000 Park City Mountain Solitude 5000 Deer Valley puigmous PIM 8ɔue pung UIgunow JOM Eagle Point Bian Head

Why Utah has the greatest snow on earth

shared by Matt_Siltala on Feb 18
This graphic does a great job of showing off an industry and proving a point. Utah has amazing snow and it is hard to argue with a graphic so amazing as this one.


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