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The Who, What, Where and Huh of Legal Pot in Seattle

seattleUzz Who, What, Where Huh? of Legal Pot Seattle. BUZZ TM Hetla Emerald City Seattle, Washington Recreational Marijuana 21 Now Greener Minimum age to legally purchase, posess and consume marijuana with valid ID. Purchase Limits Maximum number of ounces (28 grams) of usable marijuana or "bud" adults can legally buy. 7 Maximum number of grams of marijuana concentrates. 16 Maximum number of ounces of marijuana-infused edibles. 72 Maximum number of ounces of marijuana in liquid form. Pot Stores Open For Business SHOP There are a handful of licensed retail stores currently open in Seattle, with more expected to open soon. Many only accept cash. No one under 21 allowed on retail premises. Open Put That In Your Pipe and Smoke It! You'll find a variety of smoking devices including pipes, bongs, rolling papers and vaporizors at most locations. Different Types of Marijuana In addition to a diverse strain of buds, you can also find marijuana in many different forms for sale. • Edibles (baked goods, candies and drinks) • Concentrates (oils, hashes, waxes, kief and amber glass) THC capsules Smoking in Public Nope. The law restricts consumption of marijuana to private areas, similar to alchohol consumption. First and foremost, use discretion. Smoking in bars Bringing weed to the airport Driving under the influence Bringing weed to schools Possession on federal land like state parks. restaurants, or public venues. Consequences $5,000 Cost of Marijuana in Seattle $230/0z Minimum fine $27 for smoking in public places. Maximum fine, and six months in prison, for smoking on federal land. FEDERAL HESEHVE NOTE UNULEDSTATES OFAMERICA E31119560FE UNILU STATES High Quality ERAL Approximate average price as of Oct. 2015 according to E31119560F E AahWFune THIS NOTE ISs LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE Monbttaee Tmanemr ofe Eled Saler SERIES 100 2000 D. ONE H UNDRED DOLLARS PRANKLIN Marijuana Friendly Hotels There are currently only a small number of pot-friendly hotels and bed & breakfasts in Seattle. For the best pot-friendly BUZZ lodging, tours & activities, seattleUzz please visit seattle.BUZZ. TM This infographic should not be considered legal advice. Please respect the Washington state marijuana laws during your visit. CC BY SA HOTEL

The Who, What, Where and Huh of Legal Pot in Seattle

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Seattle.BUZZ: The Emerald City is a little bit greener thanks to marijuana laws that make it legal for those over the age of 21 to purchase and smoke pot recreationally. From cost to consequences, her...


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