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which middle eastern country should you visit

ETIHAD AIRWAYS WHICH MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRY SHOULD YOU VISIT? The history of the Middle East AMAN stretches back into the mists of time. Nowadays it offers areas of untouched beauty; centres of modern, cosmopolitan luxury and unparalleled hospitality. UAE FOR THE BIG SPENDER Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham Population: 9.346 million Must See: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah UNITED ARAB EMIRATES F1 fan? Even the rollercoasters are Ferraris! The Formula Rossa rollercoaster in the Shop up a storm! With over T200 stores the Dubai Mall holds the record for Ferrari indoor themepark is the fastest in the largest shopping centre in the world. the world – hitting 150mph in five seconds. Need a break from the heat? The indoor ski park is 22,500 square metres and cost Get away from it all! You could buy your over $400 own island in the Dubai Palm Islands for million to bulld. between $/million and $1.8billon In 1991 Dubai sat at the edge of the desert and had only one tall building, Now it boasts over 400 high rises. OMAN FOR THE SIMPLICITY SEARCHER Currency: Omani rial Population: 3,286 million Must See: Muscat, Salalah, Sur OMAN MUSCAT You might associate fjords with Norway - but Oman boasts the Musandam fjords where rugged mountains rise 2000 metres above sea level. There are only 200 Individual Arabian leopards left in the wild - mostly found in Oman. Omanis live by Fwala – their ancient traditional greeting of Omani coffee and fresh dates. Jebel Shams -the Mountain of the Sun - is the highest peak in the Al Hajar Mountains. You can drive to the top, past 500-year-old stone mountain villages like Birkat al Mawz. There are over 500 forts, If you're driving in Oman – keep it clean! You can be fined for having a dirty car. castles and watch towers in Oman. JORDAN FOR THE CULTURAL PURIST Currency: Jordanian dinar Population: 6.459 million Must See: Aman, Agaba, Jerash JORDAN The native Jordanians form two groups; Jordan is around 85% desert, those descended from former desert dwellers (Bedouin) or from a settled farming tradition (fellahin). The national dish is Mansaf – lamb cooked in yoghurt and served with seasoned rice and flat bread. You can sunbathe in the Dead Sea or go diving in the Red Sea waters of People have lived in Aqaba - some of the Jordan for at least lowest points on earth. 90,000 years. Discover the stone temple Petra - it was a secret to all but the desert dwelling Bedouin until 1812 AD IRAN FOR THE EXPLORER Currency: Iranian Rial Population: T7.45 million Must See: Tehran, Mashhad, Kish IRAN The temperature in Iran ranges from the The Karun river iş 450miles long and is subtropical to the subpolar. Winter the only navigable river in Iran. temperatures vary between -32°Cin the North and 23°C in the South. Iranian rug weavers have been weaving beautiful rugs for over 2500 years. Mistakes in the weaving are often intentional to demonstrate that 'only God is perfect'. Excavation of the ruins of Persepolis Visit Kerman's Bazar-e Sartasari – one of began in the the oldest trading centres in Iran – it 1930'S but only stretches for over 1200m give us a glimpse of the former majesty of the palace built in 520 BC. EGYPT FOR THE ADVENTURE SEEKER Currency: Egyptian pound Population: 89,810 milion Must See: Sharm el-Sheikh, Cairo, Luxor EGYPT Egyptian history can be traced back to If you go mummy hunting you might get 3200BC when King Menes united the more than you bargained for! Ancient Egyptians mummified cats, dogs, badgers Upper and Lower Kingdoms. and even crocodiles. 三 0 ー The Sahara desert is the world's largest hot desert at over 3,630,000 square miles Visit the Hypostyle - that's about the size of the United States. Hall in the Karank, It has 134 columns and is still the largest room of any religious building in the whole world! Scuba dive at the Tiran island, where strong currents attract Take a cruise down part of Barracuda, Jackfish, the legendary 6,853km long Nile river. sharks and Tuna - and reefs full of colourful fish.

which middle eastern country should you visit

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