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Where We Traveled

where We Traveled THE WORLD'S BUSIEST TRAVELERS AND THEIR TOP DESTINATIONS OF YEARS PAST The top travel destinations have changed many times over the years. While some vacation spots have remained consistently popular, others have risen and fallen out of favor. We're taking a closer look at where people travel to find out what experiences they are looking for, whether it's adventure, relaxation, luxury or history. Today's Top Destinations for Worldwide Travelers With their historical landmarks, beautiful natural features and vibrant culture, it's easy to see why these are the most popular destinations for today's travelers. MOST ARRIVALS (2013) in millions 69.8 31.2 60.7 83 31.5 47.7 37.8 28.4 55.7 26.5 UNITED UNITED SPAIN FRANCE GERMANY ITALY TURKEY RUSSIAN CHINA THAILAND STATES KINGDOM FEDERATION 2nd 3rd 1st Where Americans Travel: 1970s A Look at Decades Past Though domestic and European travel has been consistently strong for years, certain countries have made an impression at different eras in recent history. Comparing some of the top destinations of past decades reveals what Americans sought out in their travels at different times in history. Check out these hot travel spots dating back as far as the 1970s. 1980s Popular Destination MEXICO Travel Style Exotic beaches and nightlife 1990s Popular Destination 2000s AUSTRALIA Travel Style Adventure and wildlife Popular Destination Popular 2010s Destination CHINA COSTA RICA Travel Style Travel Style Ecotourism and Ancient culture and history adventure Popular Destination UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Travel Style Luxury and shopping Today's American Travelers Looking back at the popular destinations of the past gives us a sense of what drives us to travel. But what about the more recent past? Check out where CANADA Americans traveled from January to October 2014. USA WITHIN THE REGION (in millions) MEXICO 20,317,097 CANADA 10,734,432 MEXICO TOTAL FOR NORTH AMERICA 31,051,529 OVERSEAS 10,426,384 480,596 EUROPE OCEANIA 5,985,857 307,322 CARIBBEAN AFRICA ASIA 3,748,125 2,233,615 +% Last year, certain destinations saw an uptick in American visitors. Some of the following countries received significantly more U.S. travelers when comparing October 2014 to October 2013. CENTRAL AMERICA MIDDLE EAST 1,446,171 SOUTH AMERICA 1,443,142 EUROPE ASIA MIDDLE EAST +10% CARIBBEAN +10% AFRICA CENTRAL +6% AMERICA SOUTH AMERICA +8% OCEANIA Travelers from Popular Destination Countries Countries like France and Spain get millions of visitors every year. But where do they go when they travel? Last year, these were some of the top vacation spots for people from popular destination countries. SPAIN UNITED STATES PORTUGAL ||||||| ||||| UNITED KINGDOM FRANCE TURKEY ШІ GERMANY ITALY HONG KONG MACAU The World's Busiest Travelers CHINA SOUTH KOREA The top ten countries alone are getting billions of travelers every year. But who's actually making the trek? We're giving out these awards to the following well-traveled countries of 2014. Traveled Most Often Most Domestic Travel Most International Travel SCANDINAVIA UNITED STATES CHINA This region's countries all fall into the Americans traveled often with an China had the highest amount of total top 5 for this category with the following average number of trips per average of 6.7 trips per year. While outbound trips to other countries: international travel is limited, the U.S. 97.3 million. Many of these trips were remained the largest domestic made by people who take multiple international trips per year. person a year. tourism market. FINLAND XXXXX**? 7.5 SWEDEN XXX*** DENMARK XXXXX: 5.3 97.3 mil NORWAY XX***: メメ × XXX 以 = 10 million 5.2 6.7 AVERAGE TRIPS PER YEAR AVERAGE TRIPS PER YEAR TOTAL OUTBOUND TRIPS ---- While the top destinations may have changed over the years, the passion for travel remains strong. While these top international destinations have plenty to offer, there's so much more you can explore, including exciting domestic destinations. Whether you want to travel internationally or check out something a little bit closer to home, there are plenty of exciting destinations just waiting to be explored. Let us know where you plan to travel this year by tweeting @thehipmunk. Sponsored by * hipmunk SOURCES pdf

Where We Traveled

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The top travel destinations have changed many times over the years. While some vacation spots have remained consistently popular, others have risen and fallen out of favor.



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