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What is THAT in your suitcase?!

What is THAT in your suitcase?! The weirdest things seized at customs ALIVE& KICKING! Ever wondered how many live animals you could fit in your luggage? Well, a man in South Africa managed to fit 70 in his bags before he was caught. The animals included snakes, a turtle, spiders, scorpions, frogs AND eight crocodiles. I Why is your skirt flapping? A woman was stopped in Melbourne after spending an entire flight from Singapore with 51 live tropical fish under her skirt. The value of I these fish came in at a Is that a bird in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? Ants in your pants? Customs officers at LA International Airport caught a man attempting to smuggle 14 live songbirds in his trousers. No, just Geckos! A 58 year old German man was intercepted attempting to leave New Zealand with 23 geckos and 20 skinks. whopping $30,00O! If at first you don't succeed, try and try again Snakes on a plane Maybe you should go a size up? X-Ray imaging caught a 24 year old man trying to fly from Sidney to Bangkok with no less than 4 snakes in his In 2007 German officals stopped a man trying to cross the border with 1,000 spiders in his car. The same man later attempted to sneak past officials with a lighter load of 164 spiders, some of which were the size of a hand! Swedish customs officials arrested a woman after finding 72 live snakes in her luggage. Also smuggled in his luggage were 40 lizards. bra! Monkey Business After officials at LAX found a bird of Nice Hat A 17 year old girl flew all the way from Dubai to Manchester with a pet chameleon on her hat. Thanks to the chameleon's ability to camouflage itself she almost got away with it - until fellow passengers started taking photos! paradise in a man's bag in 2002 they asked if he had anything else to declare, to which he replied "I've got 2 monkeys in my underpants!" DEADER THAN A DODO! Souvenir? In 2006 Greek police found 6 human skulls in the hand luggage of 2 US tourists – they said they bought them in a souvenir shop thinking they were fake. That's a wrap! A shipment from Spain to LAX caused a stir in 2002 when it was discovered it contained a 3,000 year-old mummy tomb, the sarcophagus was stolen 100 years previously! Heavy Sleeper Trying to check in a dead relative is always going to cause a stir, but in 2010 two women did just that- they later told Liverpo0ol police they thought he was asleep. Cheesy! JUST FOR GOOD How much do you like cheese? US border patrol searched a truck they believe was carrying drugs only to find it held 38 kilos of cheese. The driver was arrested MEASURE and the cargo and truck seized because it hadn't been declared. E31119560FE 1000 DO 1000 Good Vibrations E31119560F E PLUS-100000 In 2004 an airport in Australia was evacuated Easy Money following a vibrating noise being heard from a passenger's bag. The bomb squad were A Korean was held at JFK in 2009 after he was found to be carrying two $100,000 dollar bills – these bills were printed in 1934 and never circulated. It later turned out the notes were fake. called and it turned out that the noise was merely a battery powered sex toy... TTTTIT

What is THAT in your suitcase?!

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This Infographic shows a range of weird and random items ceased at customs.


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