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What do midlife crisis cars really look like?

MIDLIFE CRISIS? We are all aware of the phenomenon of the midlife crisis! Where men and women in their mid-40s to 50s desperately try to cling on to their youth by making ridiculous purchases... in particular buying sporty cars they think will impress the opposite sex. But is this gross generalisation actually true? ТОP 5 СARS New data from Lease Car has revealed the top 5 cars typically purchased by 40-55 year olds are not quite as ostentatious as NISSAN QASHQAI the stereotype suggests... stylish and spacious with all the mod-cons, making it a youthful yet extremely practical vehicle. FORD KUGA KIA SPORTAGE An Suv recently given a facelift, perfect for those who A sporty Suv that looks good and gets great reviews. It's also just efficient enough to remind you that if you 'look after the pennles, the pounds will look after themselves'. tow regularly. Higher spec models will also aid your parking efforts. FIAT 500 RENAULT CAPTUR A retro-style Italian icon that's perfect for city-types and for those who want to inject a little fun in their lives. This car encapsulates a striking design, mixed with a touch of class. Perfect for those looking for adventure! MIDLIFE CRISIS STATISTICS BETTER MODEL STATUS SYMBOL 15% of middle-aged Lease Car customers opted for a A survey by Auto Trader revealed that 70% of the nation's motorists see their cars as a 'status symbol' higher spec model compared to just 5% of 18-24 year-olds In 2013, the office for National statistics published a report Need to feel like you've made it? In July 2014, Auto Trader found that Bond's vehicle of Middle-aged drivers are the safest on the road. Data from which stated around one-third Admiral Insurance revealed that of babies born In 2013 are middle-aged women from Liverpool are the safest motorists in the UK choice, an Aston Martin, projected to live to 100', which means midlife in the future may not start until the late 50s topped a poll of cars signifying someone has “made it" 8 SIGNS OF A MIDLIFE CRISIS wishing for a simpler life Googling old boyfriends or girlfriends Wanting to make the world a better place Revisiting childhood destinations Thinking about golng Reading the obituary section of a newspaper Thinking about Having hangovers quitting your job and opening a B&B to church, but not that last ALL day with interest doing anything about it MORE SERIOUS SIGNS OF A MIDLIFE CRISIS INABILITY TO FOCUS OR MAKE DECISIONS PESSIMISMI LOSS OF APPETITE LACK OF ENERGY HELPLESSNESS S LOSS OF INTEREST IN ONCE ENJOYABLE ACTIVITIES UNUSUAL SLEEP PATTERNS

What do midlife crisis cars really look like?

shared by alexzazzle on Apr 25
We all have a stereotypical image of a midlife crisis car...but is this image based on reality? Or is an unfounded claim? A new infographic from LeaseCar has looked into the realities behind the midl...






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