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A Visual Guide to Boris Island

Plans have been unveiled for a new airport that will serve the city of London. The airport will be named 'London Britannia Airport. The media prefer to refer to it as Boris Island. Boris Island 10 x 30 minutes The new airport will have a link with The Channel Tunnel. CO2 emissions could be reduced by 10% with the replacement of short European flights with a more efficient rail service. The time it would take to the airport via high-speed rail from from Central London. Check-in would also take place in Central London. £47.3 Billion 1,400 tons The amount of explosives on-board the SS Richard Montgomery, The projected overall cost of the new airport. 7 Years a shipwreck close to the proposed site of the airport The time the consortium behind the scheme claim the new airport will take to build. 24 hours Location on The Thames Estuary means that flights could arrive and depart at all hours of the day. 172 Million 4 km The length of each runway at London Britannia Airport. The number of planes that could land and take-off The number of passengers the new airport would serve each year. simultaneously from London Britannia Airport. 1 Million Passengers TT £13 Billion £4 Billion £2 Billion £5.5 Billion £0.3 Billion Protection bund Airport infrastructure Airside Logistics centre/service Revetments including cut-off wall Transport linkages from Ebbsfleet £0.5 Billion Harbours and Waterloo £3 Billion £3 Billion £0.5 Billion Services, drainage Access Reclamation improvements platform and roads £4.5 Billion £9 Billion O&D Terminal Passenger to plane delivery system £14-18 Billion £30 Billion The cost of building a new runway at Heathrow. Boris Island's cost to the taxpayer according to an unpublished Parliamentary report. What about Heathrow * Heathrow has been a major airport since its farmland was repurposed in the war effort in 1944. Relocating and recycling Heathrow to London will allow a transformation of acres of runway into a real city. Bio-diversity can return in the form of gardens, lakes and a landscape park system full of trees, birds and other wildlife. £43 Billion The amount of money that could be recouped through the Real Estate value of the Heathrow site. 300,000 200,000 The number of The number of new new homes that could be build in jobs that TESTRAD claim the new the area around project would the current create. Heathrow site. 2,500 The acres of prime land around Heathrow that would be released thanks to its closure. Building a new airport is not the only option. The most popular alternative is to build additional runways on Heathrow. Expansion of Stansted and Gatwick will also be considered. Some might argue that the airport situation is fine. Let's take a look at London's airports: 100 Number of Stansted * Number of destinations runways Luton * |9,750 1 Million O |8,600 40 Number of Number of people exposed to noise pollution 40 tttttttt| passengers per year Distance to Central London (in miles) 85 140 10 50 London City * 15 Heathrow * O | 19,100 Boris Island * 756,150 <50 46 28 Gatwick * 185 O 12,500 16 184 What are the polls saying? Expanding airports in other regions would be a better focus. 32% We should expand Heathrow. Boris' plan should go ahead. 14% 12% 12% 10% We should expand Gatwick or Stanstead. There should be no expansion of any airports. Number of MPs in favour of Boris Island according to a poll by Ipsos Mori. COBA europe Graphic Design: Maciej Szuttenbach/

A Visual Guide to Boris Island

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In 2013, Boris Johnson unveiled plans for London's Britannia Airport, to be located in the Thames Estuary. The airport would replace London Heathrow and would cost an estimated £47 billion to build. ...


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