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The Ultimate Rum Tasting Tour Of The Caribbean [Infographic]

THE ULTIMATE RUM TASTING TOUR - of the Caribbean - If there's one thing the Caribbean does better than anything els (except perhaps the beaches!) it has to be rum. From Barbados and Belize to Saint Lucia and Saint Kitts, the area is renowned for its rum distilleries. So if you can tear yourself away from your sun lounger, why not head to the distillery of one of these Caribbean rums during your stay? Antigua ANTIGUA DISTILLERY Barbados Antigua's sole distillery is difficult to get to, but is a great example of an old school distillery, and is home to the likes of Cavalier, Kokocaribe and Cavalier Rum Punch. MOUNT GAY Barbados is often considered the true home of rum, and has a number of distilleries, the most popular of which is Mount Gay. The oldest producers of rum in the world, Mount Gay was formed in 1703 and has always enjoyed a strong relationship with sailors, who have been drinking it ever since! Cuba HAVANA CLUB Rum has played a big part in Cuba's history, and while you generally can't visit the distillery itself, the Havana Club Museum is definitely worth a visit. Here you'll be able to try not just the rum itself, but special rummed up' dishes, all with the backing of a live salsa band. Cayman Islands CAYMAN SPÍRITS COMPANY DISTILLERY The only rum from the Cayman Islands comes from the Cayman Spirits Company, but within its unremarkable looking distillery it houses a unique technique. Their rum is made by 'ocean ageing', where the spirit dropped seven fathoms under the ocean to be aged by the natural waves and ripples of the Caribbean, Grenada RIVERS ANTOINE RUM DISTILLERY The Rivers Antoine distillery in Grenada is one of the best distilleries to visit if you want to see rum made the old fashioned way. Their mill is still driven by a water wheel, a rarity even in the Caribbean and their boiler is still fuelled by bagasse' (leftovers from the crushed sugar canes). Guadeloupe RHUM DAMOISEAU The Rhum Damoiseau is fairly remote, so getting there can be a bit of an adventure, but it's worth it to taste their tasty rum. Haiti RHUM BARBANCOURT This distillery just outside of Port-au-Prince is one of the biggest attractions in Haiti and produces one of the Caribbean's oldest rums. Jamaica APPLETON ESTATE In Cockpit Country, Jamaica, you'll find the Appleton Estate distillery, which has been making rum for over 250 years. Appleton is the world's oldest barrel-aged rum, and after being distilled in a huge copper pot, can be aged for as long as 50 years in oak barrels. It's also noteworthy for being the first distillery in the world with a female 'Master Blender'. Martinique HABITATION CLEMENT Rum has been distilled at Habitation Clément on Martinique for over a hundred years, and is now registered as a historical landmark, with its own museum and botanical gardens. Of particular interest is the original Creole plantation house which retains all of its original decorations and furnishings and is a great snapshot of plantation life. Panama RON ABUELO The rum at Panama's Ron Abuelo is aged in oak barrels for either 5, 7, 12 or 30 and has been gradually growing in popularity. A great unique touch about their distillery tour is that the grounds are explored by oxcart! Puerto Rico CASA BARCADI As one of the world's most well-known rum brands, the Bacardi distillery is hugely popular with tourists. You'll learn all about the Bacardi family's history, see the giant bat statue, and learn why it became the brand symbol. Saint lucia SAINT LUCIA DISTILLERS GROUP OF COMPANIES This may be the only distillery on the island of Saint Lucia, however, it produces as many as 25 different rums and products such as coffee creamers and liqueurs. On the tour, you can taste up to 17 different types of rum, including interesting flavours such as coconut and banana. Trinidad & Tobago ANGOSTURA The Angostura Distillery in Trinidad's Port of Spain is about much more than just rum, with a museum, art gallery and even a butterfly collection to its name. The rums on offer here range from the yummy sounding Reserva Rum (raspberry jam and vanilla flavour) to the curious Jammy Rum Sour which is mixed with half an egg! ROYAL WESTMORELAND BARBA DOS Brought to you by Sources

The Ultimate Rum Tasting Tour Of The Caribbean [Infographic]

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We all know that the true home of rum is the beautiful Caribbean. Undoubtedly, this is also one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. So, if you are booking a trip away and love rum...


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