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The Ultimate Guide to RV Travel

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO RV TRAVEL In the U.S. traveling by RV is growing more popular every day Despite rising fuel costs, RV travel is on the rise with When traveling by RV you can: Bring your pets along 47% Enjoy outdoor activities Take mini-vacations traveling more often. A family of four can Spend quality time with family SAVE 23-59% Visit places and attractions you would not normally see when they travel in their RV, even when factoring in purchase price, maintenance costs and gas. More than 71% said that they are more physically active on an RV trip. WHAT TO BRING ALONG When you are traveling by RV, you can take a lot with you but you can't take everything, so here are some things you should make sure to bring for a fun and safe trip. Create a checklist so you're prepared for any situation. Remember To Bring... Pre-trip Prep Checklist: M install a deadbolt door lock O a flashlight O check headlights, tires and turn signals V read your RV's Operator Manual V verify your insurance M check fire extinguisher and smoke alarms O jumper cables flat repair spray V make a list of all emergency numbers or contacts road flares V leave your itinerary with relatives or friends in case of an emergency a screwdriver pliers Whether it's bug bites, sunburns or just V a wrench a scratch, be prepared with an RV First ducktape aid/Emergency kit stocked with the essentials: band aids and bandages, ointment and antiseptic, aloe vera, insect repellant, scissors, over the counter pain reliever, and an emergency supply of must-have medications. 44% When you're on-the-go, taking photos or looking for directions, you of people use their smartphone never want to worry about while traveling to take photos, use map features search your smartphone or tablet's battery for restaurants, activities dying, so make sure to pack a portable charger and attractions. that will take care of all your mobile devices. Bring a Wi-Fi Portable Router to create a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you are and always stay connected. 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily. 40 million photos are posted on Instagram daily. Foursquare receives 6 million check-ins per day. 72% 32% 70% of US travelers frequently blog about their travel post their photos on a update their Facebook social network while still status while on vacation. on vacation. adventures. With RV travel, planning ahead is important. Make a plan by mapping out what you want to see and when you will need to stop for breaks. 52% 15% GPS of Facebook users said of travelers download Purchase a RV specific their plans were affected by seeing pictures of their friends' trips. mobile apps specific to GPS to avoid routes not upcoming vacations. built for the size and weight of larger vehicles. Have a schedule that allows you to stop every 2-3 hours for bathroom breaks and food stops, but try and plan your stops near fun and shareworthy places to make the most out of your trip. WHAT TO STOP AND SEE The U.S. is filled with interesting and odd attractions - make sure you take the time to stop somewhere you've never seen before (and don't forget to take pictures!). WEST VIRGINA ILLINOIS MOTHMAN - POINT PLEASANT, WEST WORLD'S LARGES CATSUP BOTTLE - COLLINSVILLE, ILLINOIS For the catsup lover in you, stop and visit the world's largest bottle. You can join the fan club and email list and if VIRGINIA The legend of Mothman began over 50 years ago when multiple sightings of a large man-like creature with wings were reported. The legend has inspired movies, TV shows, books, a 12-foot statue in the catsup you're a super catsup lover, you can even check out the Catsup Bottle Festival that happens every July. town center and an annual festival dedicated to the red-eyed, winged creature. ALABAMA UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE CENTER - SCOTTSBORO, ALABAMA Consider this heaven on Earth for the bargain-loving shopper. This giant thrift store is where most U.S. luggage gets sent if it' s still unclaimed after 90 days - from ancient artifacts to socks, they have everything! CALIFORNIA CABAZON DINOSAURS - CABAZON, CALIFORNIA These two dinos, Dinny and Mr. Rex, have become quite the celebrities since they were built in an attempt to try and attract customers to a local diner. The giant statues were originally planned to have glowing eyes and spit fire, unfortunately those features were never added, but you can see them featured in movies, music videos and even on album covers. NORTH DAKOTA ENCHANTED HIGHWAY - REGENT, NORTH DAKOTA Now visitors can enjoy a variety of different works along the miles of the road. One of these sculptures is the World's Largest Grasshopper. Travelers can also see the world's largest metal sculpture, which is called "Geese in Flight" or The Tin Family, an impressive metal structure, with the boy holding a sucker and the Mother with her barbed wire hair. Other sculptures along the Enchanted Highway include a sculpture of Theodore Roosevelt, a sculpture titled "Deer Crossing," the "Pheasants on the Prairie" and more. INDIANA SANTA CLAUS, INDIANA Who doesn't want Christmas year round? In this town, every morning is Christmas morning with the Holiday World & Splashin' Safari Amusement park, Santa Claus Land of Lights, Santa's Candy Castle and so much more. Everything including the stores, restaurants and hotels are holiday themed! WASHINGTON FREMONT TROLL - SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Originall created as part of a citywide art competition, the Fremont troll has become a local legend. Inspired by the Three Billy Goats Gruff fairytale, visitors are encouraged to crawl and climb all over the 18-foot high, one-eyed, concrete being. MASSACHUSETTS MUSEUM OF BAD ART - SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS The Museum of Bad Art features many greatly terrible pieces of art including the non-famous Juggling Dog in Hula Skirt' and the completely unknown 'Sunday on the Pot with George', and many other pieces that would otherwise never be displayed or appreciated. Stop by and see the world's only museum dedicated to bad art, in all its forms. D-Link Sources: MOTHMAN

The Ultimate Guide to RV Travel

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Traveling by RV is growing more popular in the U.S. every day, so we've provided some great tips to make sure you stay safe, well connected and even learn about some great places to visit!




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