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Trips and Trends for the Modern Traveler

Trips and Trends For the Modern Traveler %231 Americans love to be f land when it comes to being obsessed with work-we're at the top of the list-leading the way in NOT taking time off to rest and relax #1 in job- and stress-related illnesses as well as job turnover #1 in calling the office while on vacation (75%) #1 in actually doing work while taking time off (54%) #l in using technology while on vacation 40% even turn to their devices during holidays! 500 The typical more hours last year than they did in 1973 – that's an extra 2 hours every workday for half the work year (250 days), every year! U.S. worker worked an average of Who, Where and How Long? The majority of business travelers tend to be younger... ...while people traveling for leisure purposes tend to be older Average Length of U.S. Vacations Taking several long weekends in lieu of a 1975 More than one week sizable chunk of time all at once has its disadvantages – many professionals feel vacations lasting 13 days or longer lead to greater job 1985 5.4 days 2010 3.8 days The 'Long Vacation' is now a 'Long Weekend satisfaction and better physical and mental health Average Length of International Vacations European workers get 25-30 days each about 14 days each year (and usually use them all) Workers in Japan and Korea get fewer days than the U.S. American workers earn year (but usually only take 12) Top International Travel Destinations: 7. UK, 1. France 08. Germany 4. Spain 5. Italy 2. US 3. China 96. Turkey 10. Mexico 9. Malaysia Typical Business Traveler Trends 97% of high-tech travelers are passionate about business travel, believing that having the opportunity to travel for work makes their job more enjoyable $76,100 3.3 nights 40% average annual salary typical length of a business trip are women 816 102 23% the median distance travelled in miles trips 5.4 per year fell asleep during a meeting 98% 95% 81% bring technology on their trips to stay in touch with family extend their biz trips for personal reasons and still keep up with their work like to use social networking to make plans when traveling for work and friends Priorities for these travelers include integrating their business travel into their lives, with a focus on staying productive, feeling at home and staying entertained while travelling Must-haves for Business or Leisure Travel GPS - ditch the high fees associated with rentals and bring your own GPS device or enable your smart-phone to use GPS A Reusable Filtration Bottle - to Your very own purify drinking water while on the go portable Wi-Fi router - create a hotspot anywhere you are A Super-efficient Carry- On - getting a better take aboard bag can save big Personal Items - but only the ones you know your place of lodging won't have readily available U.S. Trusted Traveler Card - membership lets you breeze past customs A Spare Change of Clothes - just in case of Pocket-Sized A Backup Cell Phone and Toothbrush & Facial Laptop Chargers - avoid frustration by being prepared - always keep spare chargers in your weather delays: include Wipes - for last-minute freshening up or when a small lint-roller if there's room time's short between the airport and your carry-on destination A Apps like Passbook and Lemon that keep track of your travel Travel Mug with A Quick Snacks - trail mix, energy bars or even fruit and veggies Instant Coffee Packets - when there's no time paper trail - keep tickets, boarding to wait in line for a $5 cup of joe passes, travel documents, discounts, coupons and receipts handy for expenses, all on your smart-phone Small Medicine Kit - 0000000 0000000 include pain relievers, vitamins, cough drops and bandages D-Link Links/References ==

Trips and Trends for the Modern Traveler

shared by DLinkUS on Mar 03
The way we travel has definitely changed over the past 50 years; whether it’s where we go, how long we’re there or what we bring. Take a look and discover just how the modern traveler does it.




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