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Travelling Broadens the Mind

B A Travelling Broadens the Mind "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page." -St. Augustine US Department of Education study announced that children who travel over the summer holidays did better in reading, maths and general and putting some distance between you and your problems makes them easier to solve. YCIS knowledge than those who did not. Travellers are often more creative, New 3. Improved Knowledge of World Geography ORIGINA Benefit of Travelling Providing kids with the experience of travel broadens their horizons and opens up their minds to learning." - Dr. Bill Norman, Clemson University Many kids and adults really have a very hazy idea of world geography until they actually go travelling. I'm traveler 1. Appreciation for Different Cultures 4. Improved Self-Confidence Knowing that they have the ability to survive and thrive way beyond their normal comfort zones can be a HUGE boost to a child or teenager's Tasting foreign foods hearing different languages self-confidence. experiencing different religions eye-opening experience! Children 5. Improved Career Opportunities become more tolerant and less fearful of people and situations that Many companies see travelling abroad in general as avaluable learning experience and many intemational companies prefer to take on employees who have some international knowledge #[email protected]^&*)@! are different. and experience, however limited. Offer 2. New Perspective on History 6. Becoming More Open-minded Opens a young mind up to all sorts of ideas and possibilities that will affect their thinking and understanding for the rest of their lives! Visiting historical sights can help kids make sense of the names, dates and events that they leam in school. 1+9: YCIS World Classroom Programme An educational experience allowing students to experience firsthand major cultures of the world. It offers students an opportunity to increase their awareness and understanding of another culture, promote critical thinking, and (a+b):za?+2ab+b?² (a-b)²za²-2ab+b?² (a+b)(a+b)=a²-b² (x+a)(x+b)=x²+(a+b)*rab develop an appreciation of other points of view. B. yza(x-p): (a£o) Sponsored By – YCIS China Qingdao Beijing USA A leading International YCIS School with campuses in Silicon China, Hong Kong and the USA. YCIS Valley Shanghai Hong Kong focuses on providing a balanced education Chongqing that uses bilingual education in English and Chinese at the core of its curriculum. Beijing Shanghai E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Phone: (8610) 8583 3731 Phone: (8621) 6219 5910 ext 222

Travelling Broadens the Mind

shared by YCISSH on Nov 13
Travelling provides children with unique experiences that will broaden their horizons and open their minds to learning. It is necessary to expose your children to various cultures that will leave a be...


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