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The Traveller's Guide to Happiness

THE TRAVELLER'S GUIDE TO HAPPINESS SMALL IDEAS FOR YOUR BIG JOURNEY and just Planning can make the difference between an unforgettable journey another unfulfiling getaway. So take off your tourist hat and put on your Indiana Jones outfit, and prepare to treat yourself with the best journey of your life! PLAN LIKE A GENERAL 300 320 READING THE REVIEWS Websites like and have changed the way people plan their travels. User reviews can be very helpfu, but remember that they're not fool-proof. SAVE MONEY • Use your miles when you book flight. • Search for flexible travel dates • One day difference can sometimes save you more than 100 $. your SEARCH, COMPARE, BOOK • Check websites like and Compare fares, ticket prices, travel times and perks. LEARN ABOUT LOCAL LAWS AND CUSTOMS BACK UP YOUR PLAN Learning the dos and don'ts, helps you understand the country you're visiting and saves you from trouble. You don't want to be arrested for spitting a gum in Singapore. · Always book on the airline or the hotel's official website since it's Usually cheaper, and you get better customer service. E-mal yourself your itnerary. as well as all confirmation e-mails for hotel, attraction, rental-car and other bookings. You might need to access all this info abroad PACK LIKE A BOS IF YOU CAN'T LOSE IT, DON'T BRING IT Don't bring your irreplaceable valuables with yoU, such as grandma's necklace, your glowing Jedi sword, or your inimitable wedding ring MAKE A LIST Dont leave packing to the last minute. Make a list of all the items youll need for your trip beforehand, and stick to it. THE ESSENTIALS your Carry minimal toletries, a extra shoes, a sweater depending on the weather, as well as pants and shirts that can easily be mixed and matched together. of ONE BAG TO RULE THEM ALL Your goal is to pack everything in one bag It enables you to move around more quickly and to have a free hand when you need it. BAG AND TAG Tag your bags with your name and contact information. Everyone bought that same black bag after al. DON'T FORGET THE MEDICINE! Pack the medication you need to last your entire trip and more. Don't forget anti-diarrhea medicine and pain killers FLY LIKE A PRESIDENT DON'T JUST SIT THERE! EASE YOUR FLIGHT Reserve a seat on the airplane for longer flights. Some airlines charge more for seats near windows or with extra legroom, but it's usually worth it. Stay hydrated and sleep when you can Stand up and walk every once in a while. Talk to people around you, youll be amazed by the stories they have! YOUR STUFF, YOUR COMFORT Bring your own comforts and entertainment like travel pillow, a sweater, headphones Pods 007 BE SAFE LIKE 007 VIS PORT BE READY FOR EMERGENCIES KEEP YOUR THINGS WITH YOU • Know the location and phone number of the nearest embassy and local emergency services like ambulance and police Keep your important documents like Id passport, and credit card with you at all times, not in luggage where you can't see or reach them. INSURE YOURSELF Check if your health insurance • Keep your contact detals with someone at home. covers you overseas If not, get one that does. STAY LIKE A ROYALTY EVEN MORE OPTIONS A SOFA OR A PALACE? From crashing for free on sofas in a stranger's house thraugh couch surfing, to stayng in luxurious Ottoman Palaces Like Pera Palace in Istanbul, the options on where you stay are as diverse as your imagination Other optons include home exchange (, room renting (, farm stays (, and guest houses STAY IN AN OLD JAIL, or Unusual Hotels of the World, offers lodging options that include train locomotives, lighthouses, caves, old jais and treehouses OR PAMPER YOURSELF IN LUXURY FREE SOFAS is a network of people who let travellers crash on their couches free of charge. If you're more on the traditional and koxury hotels side and like being pampered in hexury and comfort, checkout Famous chains ike Jumeirah Hotels - whose portfolo includes hotels like Burj Al Arab. EXPLORE LIKE INDIANA JONES DIVERSIFY YOUR JOURNEY DON'T BE THAT TOURIST... There are three components of a successful trip: sightseeing and free exploration scheduled activities like hikes and bungee jumps and parties, together with free relaxation time. BE A TRAVELLER LEARN THE BASIC WORDS Set some time aside for free exploration Don't worry about taking photas of everything If at least learn the basic sentences ike: Please. Thank you. I'm sorry. Will you marry me? you dont speak the local language, Be adventurous ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B Some attractions might be inaccessible or below your expectations. Always have an idea on where to go next so you don't waste your day. Go for things that you usually don't do in your hometown. Meet the local people. Drink the local beer - or tea! Don't spend too much time in your hotel LINK WITH LOCAL PEOPLE Social media. travel and expats forums, bloggers are good leads to local people who love and know the place you're going to. They'll show you a face of the city that you can't discover on your own. room. Go out and have fun! DON'T SHOW ME THE MOÑEY 484 EXPIRES END 03/09 Card CARDS INSTEAD OF CASH • Don't carry a million dollar in cash when you travel. Bring only what you need and use debit cards, credt cards, and traveller's checks whenever possible. - Check and understand the exchange rate of the country you're restaurants that allow you to taste visitng before you travel. HONE YOUR NEGOTIATION SKILLS GO LOCAL • Don't always eatin the hotel. Go out for grocery stores and local Learn the art of barganing Itl save you a lot of money, and everyone is doing it. the authentic cuisine of the country. • Use public transport. Make sure you know how much the local taxi costs, and ask taxi drivers to turn on the meters AND FINALLY GET THE ARTIFACT! GET THE ARTIFACT! Walk to that murky flea market in the back alleys, and buy that delightfully weird locally made SOuvenir. After all, what's better to remind you of your wonderful travels than a pink octopus hat on your wall? 220 240 200

The Traveller's Guide to Happiness

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planning can make the difference between an unforgettable journey and just another fulfilling gateway. So take off your tourist hat and put on your Indiana Jones outfit and prepare to treat yourself w...




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