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Traveling man

CITIES VISITED PER COUNTRY: 1960's Traveling Man Neil Young Dawson was an avid traveller, always curious about the world. In the 1960's, he spent six months cross-crossing through Europe mostly via train, taking in the sights and sounds of the different countries and cultures. This was a piotal time in the world as the 1960s was a decade of revolution and change - the Berlin wall was constructed, the Cold War with the USSR was underway. the first men were sent into space, protests were erupting over the Vietnam war and The Beatles, The Doors and Led Zeppelin dominated the airwaves. Neil continued his travels later in life throughout Canada, the U.S.and Mexico, but always remembered his European travels as one of his life's greatest adventures. Switzerland Spain France N BESS4049 Other WINNIPEG MAN CANAGA The Legend 1. Cork, Ireland 2. Cherbourg. France 3. London, UK A Porie 37. Brussels, Belgium 38. Liege, Belgium 39. Luxembourg. Luxembourg 40. Lyon, France Sweden North Sea 4. Paris, France 41. Pisa, Italy 5. Moulins, France Balic 6. Clermont-Ferrand, France 42. Florence, Italy 7. Perpignan, France 8. Girona, Spain 9. Barcelona, Spain 10. Majorca, Spain m Minorca, Spain 12. biza, Spain 13. Marseille, France 14. Nice, France 15. Genoa, Italy 16. Milan, Italy 17. Zurich, Switzerland 43. Bologng, Itol Italy Sea 44. Venice, Italy Great Brilain 44. 45. Irieste, Italy 46. Ljubljana, Slovenia до. 47. Zagreb, Croatia 48. Belgrade, Yugoslavia 49. Skopje, Yugoslavia 50. Athens, Greece Germany DATES OF TRAVEL: 51. Brindisi, Italy 52. Bari, Italy 53. Foggia, Italy 54. Naples, Italy OCTOBER 1964 THROUGH 18. Bern, Switzerland क का 19. Geneva, Switzerland PASSPORT STAMPS 55. Rome, Italy MARCH 1965 20. Basel, Switzerland 21. Innsbruck., Austria 56. Valencia, Spain 57 Murcia, Spain Austrig Atlantic Ocean 58. Granada, Spain 22. Vienna, Austrio Corman 23. Munich, Germany 58 59. Malaga, Spain CITIES VISITED 24. Frankfurt, Germany Germa 60. Gibraltar, Gibraltar 24. 61. Tangier. N 25. Leipzig. Germany 26. Berlin, Germany Morocco 02. Madrid, Spain 63. Lisbon, Portugal 64. Porto. Portugal 000000 000• 27. Hannover, 28. Hamburg. urg, Germany 28. 29. Copenhagen, Denmark 65. Salamanca, Spain 30. Malmo, Sweden 31. Karlskrona, Sweden 2. Stackholm, Sweden Adriatic 66. Palencia, Spain rdiệncia, Spain 67. Bordegux. COUNTRIES VISITED 000000.0•. 68. Angouleme, France 69. Orleans, France 1012 33. Oslo, Norway 34 Cologne, Germany 35. Amsterdam, Netherlands 71. Dover, UK 36. Rotterdam, Netherlands 72. Le Havre, France Tyrrhenian Sea 70. 70. Calais, France AGE AT TRAVEL: Mediterranean Sea lonian Sea Germany Sweden Italy

Traveling man

shared by micahmilner on Jan 06
This was an infographic done for a client that wanted to chart her fathers extensive travels throughout Europe in the mid 60's.


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