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Traveling by Air: Tips, Tricks & Debunked Myths

traveling by air tips, tricks & debunked myths While booking a flight might be stressful, you can alleviate many of your travel woes by having the right information. Use these great facts to make smart travel decisions booking your next flight! TOP 10 BUSIEST AIRPORTS San Francisco International SFO McCarran International LAS O'Hare International ORD John F. Kennedy International JFK Denver International DEN Los Angeles International LAX Phoenix Sky Harbor International PHX Dallas/Fort Worth Hartsfield-Jackson International DFW Atlanta International ATL George B ush Intercontinental IAH ANNUAL AIRPORT STATISTICS 1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International 2. O'Hare International Destinations Served 257 Destinations Served 221 59.8M Countries Served 44.6M Countries Served 54 50 Passengers Airlines Served 18 Passengers Airlines Served 34 Continents Served Continents Served 3. Los Angeles International 4. Dallas/Fort Worth International Destinations Served 247 Destinations Served 208 39.5M Countries Served 38.0M Countries Served 58 43 Passengers Airlines Served 50 Passengers Airlines Served 20 Continents Served Continents Served 5. Denver International 6. John F. Kennedy International Destinations Served 147 Destinations Served 218 35.2M Countries Served 19 31.1M Countries Served 71 Passengers Airlines Served 19 Passengers Airlines Served 43 Continents Served Continents Served 7. George Bush Intercontinental 8. McCarran International Destinations Served 113 Destinations Served 139 27.3M 40 26.3M Countries Served Countries Served 34 Passengers Airlines Served 16 Passengers Airlines Served 28 Continents Served Continents Served 9. San Francisco International 10. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Destinations Served 154 Destinations Served 140 26.0M Countries Served 34 25.9M Countries Served 18 Passengers Airlines Served 37 Passengers Airlines Served 21 Continents Served Continents Served MOST POPULAR AIRLINES based on customer satisfaction rating out of 100 40 60 70 80 90 100 SOUTHWEST 81 Continental Airlines DELTA 64 AmericanAirlines 60 U-S AIRWAYS 59 AMERICA'S COSTLIEST AIRLINES based on checked baggage fees and overweight bag fees Domestic Baggage Fees Overweight/Oversize Baggage Fees 1st Bag: $25 2nd Bag: $35 3rd Bag: $100 51-70 Ibs: $100 71-99.9 Ilbs: $200 62+ inches: $100 1 UNITED 1st Bag: $25 2nd Bag: $35 3rd Bag: $100 A'A 51-70 Ibs: $60 71-100 Ibs: $100 62-125 inches: $150 AmericanAirlines 1s* Bag: $20 2nd Bag: $20 3rd Bag: $50 51-100 Ibs: $75 63-110 inches: $75 FRONTIER 3 A IRL INES 1s* Bag: $25 2nd Bag: $35 3rd Bag: $100-$200 51-70 Ibs: $200 63-80 inch: $100-$200 Continental Airlines 4 Continental will not accept luggage over 70 Ibs as checked baggage. 1st Bag: $25 2nd Bag: $35 3rd Bag: $125 51-70 Ibs: $90 5 ADELTA 71-100 Ibs: $175 63-80 inches: $175 ON-TIME AIRLINE PERFORMANCES HAWAJIAN - AIRLINES.- Alayka Arlmes UNITED ATLANTIC 92% SOUTHEAST COMAIR jetBlue AIRLINES" 87% 84% 75% 75% 72% AIRPLANE FLIGHT MYTHS MYTH: Flushing while sitting can suction you to the toilet seat. MYTH: Breast implants burst above a certain altitude. Reuters once reported that a female passen- Breast implants are rumored to explode at high ger had filed a complaint against the Scandi- altitudes; the idea is that atmospheres or navian Airlines about being stuck to the seat; extremely high or low air pressure cause them this was later discovered to be fictitious. to burst. MYTH: Killer spiders lurk MYTH: Joining the Mile High Club is illegal. under toilet seats. The rumor of deadly spiders being found According to the Civil Aviation Authority, no underneath an airplane toilet seat was started specific laws govern the matter, but through a prank e-mail. It warned everyone of participants can potentially expose themselves the arachnius gluteus or South American Blush to public complaints and lawsuits. Spider. BEST AND WORST TIMES TO TRAVEL Best time to travel: Best time to book airfare: 12am 6am 12pm 6pm 12am Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat ш Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays: these are typically the least expensive days to fly. Off-peak hours: book flights at off-peak internet-use hours on late weekday eve- nings or early mornings. March Sun Mon Tue wed Thu Fri Sat February February-March is a great time to travel since they are transitional months. Tuesdays (airfare sales normally run Tues- day through Thursday) Worst time to travel: Worst time to book airfare: Weekends Holidays Saturdays Sundays Don't plan too far ahead: You are best off waiting until 6 weeks or so before your departure date to maximize your savings when booking your flight. HAPPY TRAVELS! brought to you by SOURCES: | | | | | | | | | Disclaimer The use of any trademarks in this Infographic do not represent any affiliation between those companies and Cheap Sally, LLC. Southwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, US Airways, United, Frontier, Delta, Hawaian, Alaska, Atlantic Southeast, ComAir, and JetBlue are the trademarks of each respective company.

Traveling by Air: Tips, Tricks & Debunked Myths

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While booking a flight might be stressful, you can alleviate many of your travel woes by having the right information. Use these great facts to make smart travel decisions booking your next flight.


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