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Touring down the Suwannee River (Florida)

Sturannee River Or73 VISITFLORIDA. Touring down the wránnee VISITFLORIDA.COM Paddling. Hiking. Camping. Nature watching. The Suwannee River Wilderness Trail offers 173 miles of "wild river" for exploration. From its source in Georgia, the Suwannee meanders through eight counties in north central Florida on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. miles of. Suwannee River Wilderness Trail 10 -year conservancy efforts to protect and support the river have brought together state parks and land owned by the Water Management District and private sector to make up the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail, the only federally designated "unspoiled" waterway in the state. Hüghlights The river travels 206 miles through Florida 70 R= miles along the river shores have been acquired natural for conservation and springs ecotourism recreation. Be sure to try Paddlers prepare to launch or state parks river camps offer raised screened Big bird watching. wood platforms and electrical power for Hiking around Big Shoals area - several trails offer access to rich The Suwannee watershed has the forrestry and a rare waterfall in Florida on the Columbia County side. campers. Multiple "hubs" offer cabins and lodgings. The network ensures camping and highest density of springs in the world: Visiting the Stephen Foster Park, Carillon Towers, and area historic buildings in White Springs. rest areas every 10 miles. Swimming at the Spirit of the Suwannee, where unusual water flow features have created a white sandy beach. The area is Spring-hopping in the central region around Mayo. considered the underwater "Cave Diving Capital of the World." Paddling through the scenic southern marshes and watching for alligators. I yo arehere Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center 441 State Park Madison Blue Spring State Park Suwannee River 41 Florida counties: Suwannee River State Park Hamilton, Columbia, Suwannee, Madison, Lafayette, Gilchrist, Dixie, Levy White Springs Ellaville Big Shoals State Park Live Oak 10 90 Dowling Park, 129 Lafayette Blue Springs State Park 75 Peacock Springs State Park lIchetucknee O'Leno State Park/River Rise Preserve State Park year-round water temperature of the area springs makes the river a natural habitat for the 27 Springs State Park Branford endangered Florida Troy Springs State Park manatee. 19 41 27 Gornto Springs County Park 441 129 27 Manatee in a Florida spring Hart Springs County Park Gulf of Mexico Fanning Springs 41 Fanning Springs State Park Manatee Springs State Park Suwannee Paddling Only class- The Suwannee River Wilderness Trail is a system of public and private recreation facilities for paddling the Suwannee River from White Springs to the town of Suwannee on the Gulf coast. High season is October through April, when it is not as hot and there are fewer mosquitoes. rapids in the state of Florida Alang the way Trees: Cypress, maple, planer elm, miles of white Visitors can see many species unique to Florida buttonbush, oak, swamp privet water rafting at Big Shoals and Little Shoals near White Springs Suwannee river cooter Reptiles: Suwannee river cooter, alligator, snapping turtle rivers is how some describe the Suwannee because of the changes in scenery. The Upper river (White Springs Birds: Temperatures Great egret, great blue heron, tri-color heron, snowy egret, white ibises, wood stork to Mayo) has steep banks and rougher waters. Most of the 70 springs occupy the Middle river (Mayo to Branford). The Lower river (Branford to the Gulf of Mexico) is broader and interrupted by scenic marshes. Great egret near the banks average highs Fish: Atlantic needlefish, striped mullet, hogchoker, and a large population of gulf sturgeon, fish which can grow to eight feet and weigh up to 200 pounds. averagé lows Krowe hove Though there are many places to stop, this is a rustic area. Wear a personal flotation device. It is Florida law. Wear Bring plenty of water and food in safe sunscreen and bug repellent. containers. Paddlers in the 500.C flrea Aistory early mornin fog. Early European settlers encountered the Timucua indians navigating these waters. 1605 1700. Seminole Indians came Establishment of the down the river from Georgia. Spanish-Indian mission of San Juan de Guacara, on the land route connecting the forts at Pensacola and St. Augustine. Some believe the river's name was derived from the name of the mission. 1951 Suwannee river camp at El Popular composer Stephen Foster was looking for a river's name for a new tune. Though he'd never visited Florida, he was told The Suwannee river area about the Suwannee and immortalized the river CAMP GROURD in a melody that would eventually become the state song - "Old folks at home." became popular for healing retreats that offered access to the natural sulphur springs. 1860 1923: Last riverboat on the Suwannee. 1950: Opening of the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park and the Captain James Tucker and his steamboat, the Madison, became fixtures on the Suwannee. He was famous for throwing nickels onto shore when they made port to draw crowds and customers to the floating country store. The Madison was scuttled during the Civil War but can be seen by divers at low tide at the bottom of Troy Springs. Florida Folk Festival. 1980: Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park opened, hosts 1859 Copper-nickel 1¢ coin of the 1860s many annual folk and country music events. today must see and do The area hosts several yearly festivals and cultural events: The Suwannee River Jam is in May with about Wannee in April with about 20000 30000 35 5 per day in attendance. -day annual Florida Folk Festival per day in attendance. is on Memorial Day music events are hosted at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park every year. About weekend. annual events on the Suwannee offered by |-day fall paddle -day spring festival Performers and dancers at the Florida Folk Festival plan your visit Find more information on lodgings, culture centers, outfitters and activities from any of these valuable traveler resources: Tip: Before you head out to FLORIDA PARK SERVICE Suwannee River the Suwannee, be sure to check on river depths and WATER MANAGEMENT DISTRICT conditions with the Nature and ROTECTION Heritage Center, Florida State The State of Florida's Parks or Suwannee River Water pedaIe nature&heritage Management District. Water levels vary. Waterfalls sometimes run dry and the white water rapids may not be running. Alternately, waters might be high and too dangerous for recreational safety. Tou rism Center Suwannee River Festiv Suwannee River Wilderness Trail Plo0ida SOURCES: Florida Department of Environmental Protection,Suwannee County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Suwannee River Water Management District,, Suwannee Valley Tourism Development, Columbia County Tourism Development, State of Florida,, PHOTOS:, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Florida Department of Environmental Protection,,, Florida State Parks, NGC CREDITS: VISITFLORIDA.COM, Lee Glynn VISITFLORIDA. VISITFLORIDA.COM The Suwannee Riv Hiking the trails Camping platforme ng the Suwannee ANITITED

Touring down the Suwannee River (Florida)

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