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Top Tourist Destinations within Africa

MOROCCO EGYPT ETHIOPIA ΚΕΝΥΑ TOP DESTINATIONS: TOP DESTINATIONS: TOP DESTINATIONS: TOP DESTINATIONS: GIZA NECROPOLIS – ancient pyramids Marrakech – an imperial city at the foot of the Atlas mountains, plenty of things to do in this historical city ADDIS ABABA – home to the headquarters of the African Union, has the largest market in Africa and beautiful historical sites MASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE - wildlife at its best, with opportunities to see "the big five" and migrations from the sky KARNAK – largest ancient religious site ever built kola Market, and beautiful beaches Fes – religious and cultural center of the country with tombs, a palace, and more, Makola Market, and beautiful beaches AXUM – the supposed home to the ark of the covenant and one of the oldest cities in Africa LAMU one of Kenya's oldest towns Red Sea Reef – known for beautiful diving, clear waters, and exotic seascapes Amboseli National Park – views of Mt. Essauoira – a small city with quiet beaches and music and culture everywhere III Harar – known for letting tourists feed hyenas and for great museums and food Kilimanjaro, sightings of 50 mammal species, and home to Maasai tribe Mosque of Ibn Tulun – one of the oldest mosques in Cairo Dades Valley – beautiful scenery of red cliffs and gorges Omo Valley – one of the only places with indigenous people with no outside influence, wonderful cultural experience and home to a safari Lake Turkana – largest permanent desert lake in the world, full of crocodiles and home to several unique tribes LANGUAGES: Merzouga – a desert town complete with camel treks and exactly what one would expect when visiting the Sahara • Oficial language – Literary Arabic • English and French are the most commonly used foreign languages Gondar – royal and ancient city home to an entire complex of castles Watamu – national park with lagoons, resorts, sailboat dolphin watching, and more LANGUAGES: LANGUAGES: LANGUAGES: Official language – Amharic 88 languages total – 41 are institutional, 14 are developing, 18 are vigorous, 8 are in danger of extinction, 5 are near extinction, and 2 are extinct Arabic and Berber • Moroccan Arabic (Darija) and French are also very commonly spoken, both of which unofficially considered as additional official languages Official languages - Bantu Swahili and English 68 total languages GHANA SOUTH AFRICA TOP DESTINATIONS: TOP DESTINATIONS: Elmina – beautiful fishing town home to St. George's Castle and Fort St. Jago CAPE WINELANDS – beautiful scenery full of mountains, monuments, orchards, and villages with world-famous winemakers Accra – Ghana's capital city, home to the National Museum, Makola Market, and beautiful beaches III VICTORIA AND ALFRED WNATERFRONT - endless entertainment and unique, local attractions Kakum National Park – coastal forest and Durban Beaches - beautiful, clean beaches with entertainment throughout the day rare rainforest canopy walkway LANGUAGES: Table Mountain – take a cablecar to the top for beautiful scenery Official language - English About 80 languages total Akan is most widely spoken indigenous language LANGUAGES: 11 official languages – Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Šotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, and Zulu • Most South Africans speak at least two languages South African Sign Language is commonly understood throughout the county CAMEROON TOP DESTINATIONS: III Benedictine Museum of Mont-Febe – monastery, museum, and hotel Waza National Park – 1700 square kilometers full of various animals and vegetatioN, Makola Market, and beautiful beaches VIP COMMUNICATIONS TOP TOURIST DESTINATIONS WITHIN AFRICA Bidzar – archaeological site with hundreds of rock engravings Dja Faunal Reserve – surrounded by Dja River and home to over 400 species of animals LANGUAGES: Official languages – English and French 230 total languages throughout the country (55 Afro-Asiatic, 2 Nilo-Saharan, 4 Ubangian, 169 Niger-Congo) - MOROCCO EGYPT ETHIOPIA ΚΕΝΥA GHANA SOUTH AFRICA CAMEROON COUNTRY- SPECIFIC HOLIDAYS: Jan 1 Mar 21 Human Rights Day Mar 6 Jul 30 Enthronement Jan 7 Christmas Jan 7 Christmas Jun 1 Independence Day Madaraka Day Independence Day Jan 25 Mar 2 Monday after Easter Family Day Feb 11 Aug 20 Revolution of the King and People Oct 20 Mashujaa Day May 25 Africa Day National Police Day Victory at Adwa Day Youth Day Apr 25 Sinai Liberation Day Mar 28 Apr 27 Freedom Day May 20 National Day Day of Lament Dec 21 Jul 1 Republic Day Aug 21 Youth Day Jamhuri Day Jun 16 Youth Day May 5 Patriot's Day Jul 23 Revolution Day Sept 21 Founder's Day August 9 Natl Women's Day May 28 National Day Nov 6 Green March Oct 6 Armed Forces Day 1st Friday in Dec Farmer's Day Jan 19 Sept 24 Heritage Day African Music Market November 18 Epiphany or Timkat Dec 16 Independence Day/ National Day Monday after Easter Sham el Nessim International Camel Day of Reconciliation Nyem-Nyem Festival (July) Sept 27 Finding of the True Cross Derby and Festival (August) Culture Week Dec 26 Day of Goodwill (August/September) Mombasa Carnival The Rose Festival (May) Pharaonic Race (November) Aboakyir Festival (May) Festival National des Arts CULTURAL EVENTS: et de la Culture (FENAC) (December) (November) Fes Festival of World Sacred Music (June) Panafest Cape Town Festival All Ethiopian Games The Schweppes East African Concours Abu Simbel Festival Ngondo Festival (December) Homowo Festival Hermanus Whale Festival (February & October) Essauoira Gnawa & World Music Festival Ethiopian Film & Music Festival (May) d'Elegance (August/September) Absa Cape Epіс VOP South Sinai Camel Festival (May) (June) Irecha (September) Hogbetsotso Festival (November) National Arts Festival Marrakech Popular Arts Festival (July) (June/July) communic ations Cairo Film Festival 信

Top Tourist Destinations within Africa

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Whether you’re visiting one or a few African countries, or you’ve lived in Africa for years, the culture is so diverse and incredible throughout the entire continent that you’re sure to learn an...


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