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Top Cities for Young Professionals

BEST CITIES FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS Choosing a city to live in may not be entirely under your control. The company that hires you may determine where you will go. You'll want to liue in a city geared toward your lifestyle. What do young professionals want in a city? Things to do Culture Diversity Thriving social/dating scenes Affordable Good public transit housing options Here are a few cities you may have not considered when narrowing down your job search. Bonus: These cities are also perfect for vertical career growth. If you're the type who wants to stay put, and grow upwards within one company, all these options allow for easy life-stage adjustments (starting a family, buying a house). This doesn't AUSTIN The Texas capital city has long mean "normal" embraced a "weird" aesthetic - people can't which simply means it's love it too! different from the rest of the Keep It Weird mostly conservative state. It is a robust economical city: Forbes named it the #1 This is the place city for jobs in 2012 It's very affordable, and for the arts, and the city is proud there's assistance of its outstanding available for new art scene homebuyers It retains the This affordability unique charm makes it easy to of Texas culture Austin is the self-proclaimed expand your housing and community "LIUE MUSIC CAPITAL" of the world, with more than options when it's time to have kids 1700 venues to hear live music There is much to enjoy in this uibrant city, which is tailor-made for a young adult lifestyle. MILWAUKEE Nothing wrong with beer, of course-and there's actually just one major commercial brewery in Milwaukee., chances are you won't be working there, as there are so many other businesses in this More Than Just Beer beautiful and affordable Midwestern city. It's filled with amazing early architecture dating from the 1800s Known for its Restaurants blue-collar history, showcase the city's it offers a cultural rich and diverse diversity with immigrant population metro-sophistication Milwaukee's housing And yes, there are lots prices are quite low compared to other major cities of microbreweries - Шр you can get a great Did you know the Harley-Dauidson Museum is here? beer here Milwaukee offers an amazing slice of American culture. PITTSBURGH Chances are, you -even the city's NFL team is named after in honor of it's associate Pittsburgh with its industrial steel heritage history of steel plants The Steel City Like sports? This city loves its pro sports: catch a It's embracing a Steelers, Pirates, or Penguins game green philosophy in your free time The city has 2 of the first 12 buildings to be nationally "Green" certified There is a healthy cultural scene, including the famed Carnegie Museums, which includes the Andy Warhol It now is ranked 8th in the country for number of green buildings Museum Howeuer, this underrated city has undergone a public image transformation from polluted cityscape to one of the most liuable places on Earth! Of course, the "usual" big cities are still tried-and-true places for young professionals to grow and thrive. If your career path takes you to a major city, find a great neighboring town or niche neighborhood to put down roots. You'll find a lower cost of living, lots of culture, and reasonable proximity to your workplace. It's a diyerse, young, and fun community! Working in N.Y.CITY Queens has a very manageable commute to the Try living in Astoria, Queens city (only 30 mins to basically any subway spot in NYC) Check out the many super-trendy bars, eateries, and places to have fun Also, it's a pedestrian area where you can enjoy exploring by foot or bike It's rated in Forbes' Top 10 happiest cities for young professionals Working in SANGELES Riverside is about 60 miles from downtown L.A. Try living in Riverside Use the Metrolink rail for a smooth commute to the big city Housing prices are well below LA's (sky-high) average Enjoy a huge variety f restaurants, libraries, and shops throughout the Inland Empire, where Riverside is located Architectural landmarks abound and Working in there's a uariety of housing options CHICAGO Oak Park is just 9 miles outside of Chicago and has easy public Try living in Oak Park transit to downtown Frank Lloyd Wright, an american architect, spent 20 years here The city has a thriving public arts scene It's also known for its community of young, liberal families Good luck in your job and lifestyle search! SOURCE: HTTP://wwW.FORRENT.COM/TIPS/BASICS/APARTMENT-SEARCHES/TOP-CITIES-FOR-YOUNG-PROFESSIONALS-AND-FAMILIES

Top Cities for Young Professionals

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Chances are, if you’ve come this far, you are reasonably sure about what you want to do with your life vocationally. However, one thing you may have not considered is where you want to do it. Select...


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