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Top Car Speeds Recorded on the Autobahn Infographic

TOP 10 AUTOBAHN CAR SPEED RECORDS The Autobahn expressway in Germany is considered by most car-lovers to be the ultimate proving-ground. Popular among the world's top drivers as a place to test the latest supercars, the Autobahn is a playground for experienced drivers hoping to push the limits of physics and discover how fast their car can go. Here are the top 10 Autobahn car speed records: 10: CORVETTE ZR1 192 MPH Engine: Supercharged V8 Horsepower: 690 BHP 9: LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR EN 252 199 MPH Engine: V12 Horsepower: 690 BHP 8: PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS 4.0 200.7 MPH Engine: Flat-6 Horsepower: 493 BHP 7: RUF CTR YELLOBIRD 201.3 MPH Engine: Twin Turbocharged Flat-6 Horsepower: 469 BHP 6: KELLENERS BMW M6 206.3 MPH Engine: Turbocharged V8 Horsepower: 374 BHP 5: RUF R TURBO 208.7 MPH Engine: Twin Turbocharged Flat-6 Horsepower: 590 BHP 4: BUGATTI VEYRON 219 MPH Engine: Quad-Turbocharged W16 Horsepower: 1,000 BHP 3: PORSCHE 9FF GTURB0850 Ciraa 236 MPH Engine: Turbocharged Flat-6 Horsepower: 850 BHP 2: V-16 AUTO UNION 50 268.432 MPH Engine: Twin Supercharged V16 Horsepower: 513 BHP AAMA AAAA 1: MERCEDES-BENZ W125 REKORDWAGEN пПо 268.8 MPH Engine: Twin Supercharged V12 Horsepower: 736 BHP COMPARED TO A REGULAR HIGHWAY SPEED LIMIT ( 80 MPH ) MERCEDES-BENZ W125 V-16 AUTO UNION PORSCHE 9FF GTURBO850 BUGATTI VEYRON RUF R TURBO KELLENERS BMW M6 RUF CTR YELLOWBIRD PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS 4.0 LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR CORVETTE ZR1 REGULAR HIGHWAY SPEED 80 192 199 200.7 201.3 206.3 208.7 219 236 268.4 268.8 MPH CURRENT AUTOBAHN NETWORK (7483 MILES LONG ) Berlin Dusseldorf Cologne Frankfurt Munich While it's true that the Autobahn highway system regularly sees some of the fastest traffic in the world, most foreign drivers aren't aware that 43% of the famous expressways in Germany's Autobahn network actually do have a posted speed limit. Speed limits change based on where you are (they usually range from 60 to 80 MPH and driving speeds are lower near major cities). The good news for speed-lovers hoping to test the latest super- car in Germany is that 57% of the Autobahn does not have a posted speed limit and even remote stretches of this roadway are impeccably maintained. auto @europe. Content Source: Image Sources:

Top Car Speeds Recorded on the Autobahn Infographic

shared by AutoEurope on Dec 08
For generations the Autobahn in Germany has drawn the world's top drivers - a proving ground where the best cars are pushed to their limits. Often thought of as a singular, lawless stretch of road whe...


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