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Tips for Tourists from Millennium & Copthorne Hotels

how to understand LONDONERS TIPS FOR TOURISTS If you're visiting London for the first time and aren't familiar with the capital or the locals, this simple guide will help you to understand the English and some of their quirky ways and idiosyncrasies! QUEUING PUNCTUALITY THE BRITISH just seem IF YOU ARE meeting to love to queue - if you see a line forming, take your place at the back and don't push to the front! someone in London, you will probably need to turn up on time, as British people tend to be pretty punctual. RESERVED GREETINGS TRAIN ETIQUETTE INTERPRETING - IN THE UK, it is normal for both men & women to greet WHEN TRAVELLING on people with a simple handshake. - When you arrive in London, don't expect people to welcome you with a kiss on both cheeks. VERY BRITISH. the Underground, it is expected that you let others off the train before you get on. Stand clear of the dooes as they open - as you will probably be met by a stampede of commuters. HABITS & PRACTICES OVERUSE OF P'S & Q'S 8) FANCY A CUPPA? PLEASE, THANK YOU & SORRY are three of the most commonly used words in the English language. In London, it can be common for the locals to say these words at any opportunity - even when there is no need for it! TEA is more than a simple drink in is a social habit. People in Britain don't Learn how to act & behave like a local in 6 easy steps. need an excuse to meet for a 'cuppa' - so if you are visiting friends in London be sure to put the kettle on! BAFFLING PHRASES The guidelines below should help you learn how to chat You will probably notice that Londoners have a charming. if sometimes baffling, way of expressing themselves. away with all the charm of a native Londoner. The general English phrase How to say it with London charm It's raining heavily 4- It's raining cats and dogs Don't get upset about something Don't get your knickers in a twist At a precise time On the DOT Not my type of thing 4 Not my cup of tea Let's show our thanks/ Let's cheers * Let's make a toast! What do Londoners Really Mean? Londoners (and British people in general) often say things which don't necessarily mean what you think. Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out these examples. What Londoners Say What Others Understand What Londoners Mean He/ she is I think you are wrong With all due respect listening to me Oh, by the way... The main reason for this conver sation is. going to be very important This isn't l'll bear They'll take it I definitely won't that in mind into consideration remember this ODD WEATHER QUIRKS Londoners will moan for months If a Londoner tells you that you've about the freezing cold weather and then say, "it's just too hot" when the sun finally comes out. caught the sun they probably mean that you look like a lobster! 6" IT'S IT'S 99 66 YOU LOOK LIKE A 99 Lobster" TOO TOO COLD HOT!! Sun oh. You ve caught the I'm melting Jumper. LONDON WORDS Naff ...not cool Blimey .ow Mate .friend Brew/Cuppa ..ap of tea Chips -. fizzy pop Uni .university Innit' .is it not? Trainers .sneakers Trousers .pants Pants .rubbish/bad Main road .highnay Motorway .freeway This is the proper London Lingo. innit Petrol Station .gas station Cheers .thank-you Fizzy drink/pop .soda Zebra crossing .pedestrian crossing ER

Tips for Tourists from Millennium & Copthorne Hotels

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Tips for Tourists: a Guide to British'isms from Millennium & Copthorne Hotels to help visitors understand the Brits whilst on holiday in London


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