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Things you won't find in Phoenix

TAXI 3 350 4 1 POTHOLES TAXICABS HISTORIC 3 LANDMARKS RUSTY 9. VEHICLES Roads are in great condition in the greater Phoenix area. Highways are constantly being built and improved to meet the demands of an ever- growing population. Rubberized asphalt has made travel on many of our highways quieter and even smoother than before. So, you won't find that your car needs an alignment every time you go out for a drive. There are two problems with keeping our streets and highways in great condition: (a) there are always road restrictions all over town, and (b) better roads mean that people drive faster and more aggressively. Of course there are cab companies here, and you can call dispatch to get one. It just isn't like New York or San Francisco, where you can walk out into the street in the business district and hail a cab. Also, remember that although there is a city center in Phoenix, it is rather small compared to other major U.S. cities, and both our business and leisure activities are spread out around about 9,000 square miles. Rent a car. Cabs get pretty expensive here. The greater Phoenix area is relatively new. You won't find historic battlegrounds here like you find at Gettysburg, or in the South. Niether will you find 500-year-old castles. Some of our homes that are considered historic are only 50 or 60 years old. As a territory, Phoenix didn't become the capitol until 1889, and Arizona became a state in 1912. What you will find here is a great deal of history about our native ancestors. Because the humidity is relatively low in the desert, and we don't salt our roads in the winter, our cars and SUVS hold up pretty well. You will rarely see a rusty vehicle here. It is common for car collectors to store their vintage and valuable vehicles in the desert's drier climate. HIGH FASHION THINGS YOU WON'T FIND IN PHOENIX WALKING DOWNTOWN High fashion is not prevalent here as it is in some other major cities in the U.S. As far as higher end clothing is concerned, you're more likely to find places like Sak's, Chico's or Ann Taylor. Well, yes, of course you can walk downtown, and there are organizations forever working on making downtown Phoenix an attraction. There are definitely downtown destinations, but it isn't a walking place. It's more of a go-park-do-leave sort of place. This isn't only in downtown Phoenix, by the way. Except for a couple of ArtWalks and the zoos and gardens, this is just not a walking town. It's too spread out. THE BEACH SKYSCAPERS You will not be impressed by the skyscrapers as you fly in over downtown Phoenix. The tallest building here is 40 stories tall. Downtown Phoenix is in the flight path for Sky Harbor International Airport. As a matter of fact, Sky Harbor is only five minutes from downtown Phoenix, which makes it much more convenient than some major cities that have airports an hour or more away. Other cities and towns in the Greater Phoenix area don't allow tall buildings either. Yes, we are landlocked. No beach here. This is a real isue for those who move here from the East Coast, and for people from California who miss the sound of the crashing waves and the sea breezes. The good news is that it could be worse. We can get to the ocean by car in less than a day. Head to Rocky Point in Mexico, or over to San Diego. As a matter of fact, so many Arizonans visit San Diego to enjoy the ocean environment that they have a name for us--Zonies. The moniker "Zonie" is generally used with what I call loving disdain, like how we call our winter visitors "snowbirds." TETHEETE-T-T LLEL HLLEEL LL T LL

Things you won't find in Phoenix

shared by jarjop on Jul 07
A funny way to set Phoenix apart when it comes to travel destinations and interesting things about the city.


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