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Sunshine & Happiness

( 283 월 Sunshine Happihess MEASURINGHAPPINESS IS QUITE THE CONUNDRUM. The World Happiness Database cross-reference happiness with life expectancy to measure "happy life years" and the Happy Planet Index cross-reference both of these with environmental sustainability. HOWABOUTADDING SUNSHINE TO THE MIX? Below see the relationship between sunshine, life expectancy and satisfaction across the world. GRAPHIC KEY Life Expectancy Life Satisfaction Ave. hours of annual sunshine S.AFRICA CANADA BULGARIA AUSTRALIA INDIA SWEDEN TURKEY BRAZL JAPAN GERMANY GREECE CYPRUS ARGENTINA FRANCE ПАLY WORLD DATABASE OF HAPPINESS HAPPY PLANET INDEX The World Database of Happiness is a collection of findings on happiness in the sense of the subjective enjoyment of one's life as-a-whole'. The Happy Planet Index combines environmental impact with human well-being to measure the environmental efficiencywith which, country by country, people live long and happy lives. TURKEY 206,028 E BENEFITS OF SUNSHINE O HAPPINESS FACTS & SPECULATION . The effect of marriage or a long-berm partnerships on life expectancy adds more years than giving up smoking FEEL GOOD FACTOR With the sun shining we feel more energetic and our mood improves as the sun helps our bodies produce endorphins along with the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin. MEN 7 YEARS WOMEN 4 YEARS NATURAL MEDICAL KIT Sun is a great source of vitamin D. It's vital for bone and muscle health and also supports our immune sy stem. 5 minutes sunshine a day is sufficient for most people. Having 100-200 bely laughs a day can burn up to 500 calories. The equivelant of 45 minutes on a treadmill DETOX IN THE SUN Light therapy is sometimes used for jaundice. T light, helps the liver to function better and clear away toxins from our bodies. People who rate highly for happiness in psychological tests develop about 50% more antibodies than average s because natural spectrum 50% LINING YOUR POCKET Strange but true. "Sunshine is strongly positively correlated with daly stock returns" says David Hirshliefer, Ph.D of Fisher College of - 20 minutes of exercise, 3 days aweek for 6 months improves your r feeling of happiness by 10-20%. RECHARGE THOSE BATTERIES 20% P 10% Natural light during the day can increase production of the sleep inducing hormone melatonin at night encouraging sound sleep & good rest E TOP 5 TOURIST DESTINATIONS A FACEBOOK HAPPINESS INDEX 415,155 people booked flights with Fly Thomas Cook between May and October 2010, these are the top 5destinations from Based on the number of positive words used in status messages, Facebook has created a happiness index. Christmas, New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day are amongst the happiest days February 14th 2010, December 25th 2010 and December 31st 2010 CANARY ISLANDS 23.436 the list below. - Mainland Spain, • Portugal, United Kingdom In the UK, Britons were the happiest on May 23rd 2010, when the temperature soared past the 20 degree Celsius mark and on December 12th when Matt Cardle won the popular X-Factor talent show. GREECE - Canary Islands • Cyprus 1 Greece . Turkey . Egypt . North Africa 1 Other European . Dominican Republic . Cuba . North America . Western Long Haul . Eastern Long Haul S1,735 May 23rd 2010 and December 12th 2010 United States U.S. was over twice as happy as the average Wednesday when celebrating the election of President Barack Obama. CYPRUS 6207 November 5th 2008 PRODUCED EGYPT *** THOMAS COOK Sources Happy Planet Index, World Happine ss Database, UNdata. Telegraph. Family Health Guide. Faoebok. FOR F LY THOM Number of passengers by destination, Fly Thomas Cook, May - October 2010. ........ Little fares from the big travel company MOROCO LEIGH.CO TURKEY

Sunshine & Happiness

shared by RiLeigh84 on Jan 06
The main circular graphic was made to double up as a globe an also represent the 'sun' using the data logging as the sun rays. It uses 3 main data sets, life expectancy, life satisfaction and average ...



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