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The Smart Traveller Australia Travel Checklist

THE SMART AUSTRALIAN TRAVELLER CHECKLIST 9.3M AUSTRALIANS WILL TRAVEL OVERSEAS IN 2015 TOP 5 TRAVEL DESTINATIONS NEW ZEALAND INDONESIA USA THAILAND UK BEFORE YOU CO: RESEARCH YOUR DESTINATION! BOOK FLIGHTS & ACCOMODATION IN ADVANCE TO SAVES GET TRAVEL INSURANCE COVER AND CHECK YOUR POLICY DETAILS TOP 5 TRAVEL INSURANCE CLAIMS 2$ Cancelled Flights Medical Lost or Lost or Travel Claims Stolen Damaged Luggage Delay Cash « If you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel ) DFAT.COV.AU DID YOU KNOW? 70% $40,000 $100,000 70% of all Australians A medical A medical said they would not leave the country without a travel evacuation from Bali can cost $40,000 AUD. evacuation in the USA can cost over $100,000 AUD! insurance policy. PREGNANT? HOW LONG TIL YOU'RE DUE ? v Consult your Doctor before travel Check vaccination requirements for your destination V Check with airlines about their policy on travel while pregnant V Most travel insurance policies won't provide cover past the 26th week, nor cover childbirth or care of your newborn DID YOU KNOW? x3 The risk of DVT increases up to 3 times during pregnancy on long flights. : UP > Drink plenty of water and stretch your legs. ORGANISE PASSPORTS AND VISAS BEFORE YOU GO ARE YOU A DUAL NATIONAL? V Find out about using another country's passport from the local embassy in Australia CONSULT YOUR AIRLINE Concerned about your fitness to fly? Get an approval letter from your Doctor ORGANISE YOUR PACKING Pack enough prescription medication - they might not be readily available overseas Need that extra suitcase? Excess baggage can make you a target for theft SORT YOUR TRAVEL MONEY %24 Tell your local bank you are travelling Be sure funds are accessible : TIP Make sure your ATM card will work outside Australia MAKE COPIES OF YOUR IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS V Passport, tickets, drivers license, visas, insurance policy, etc. V Leave copies with someone you can trust while away. STAY HEALTHY V Check with your Doctor about vaccination requirements in your destination. V Re-check personal medications if needed. REGISTER YOUR DETAILS @ DFAT.GOV.AU WHILE YOU 'RE AWAY BE SAFE AND SECURITY CONSCIOUS Tourists stand out and can be targeted by thieves. TIP > Minimise risk by keeping valuables and money out of sight. CHECK LOCAL TRANSPORTATION Know the best way to get around, safely. -O: TIP > If you're driving, have the correct license and study local road rules. OBEY THE LAW! Different countries = different laws. Be aware of and obey local laws and you won't have any trouble. BEWARE: The Australian Government can not get you out of jail DID YOU KNOW? 1000 314 Each year about 1,000 Australians are arrested As of 2013, there were 314 Aussie citizens serving time in overseas jails overseas. RESPECT LOCAL CUSTOMS Dress appropriately. Respect sacred sites such as temples. ΚΕEPIN TOUCH Arrange to stay in touch via the internet, email, phone or SMS with friends and family when overseas. KNOW WHERE YOUR LOCAL EMBASSY IS Check to find the closest Australian embassy to your destination. DOING SOMETHING ADVENTUROUS? Running with the Bulls in Pamplona? Bungee jumping in New Zealand? Jet skiing in Thailand? V Be sure your travel insurance covers any activities you might partake in. V Always declare pre-existing medical conditions. DID YOU KNOW? 82% 50% 82% of young 50% of ALL Australian Australians admit travellers do not check to being more to see if they're covered before an adventurous adventurous on holiday. holiday experience! HAPPY TRAVELS! Sources: COLUMBUS DIRECT O---------(es

The Smart Traveller Australia Travel Checklist

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Follow this pre-flight checklist to ensure you get the most out of your holiday when you're away. This infographic also provides travel tips for when you reach your destination. Find out how to sta...



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