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Ski Season Tips & Advice

Ski Holidays .2012/2013 SEASON TIPS & ADVICE 1992 Albertville Bronze Giant slalom TOP SNOW DEPTHS IN EUROPE RESORT EASY INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED HEIGHT PISTES WART- LECH-ZÜRS DAMÜLS BRAUNWALD OBERTAUERN SCHRÖCKEN STUBEN AUSTRIA SWITZERLAND AUSTRIA AUSTRIA AUSTRIA 10.5 m 10 m Seasonal 9 m 9 m average snowfall 8 m 1270-1,500 m 1.450-1,720 m 1430 m 1,740 m 1,255 m 66 KM 122 KM 105 KM 32 KM 100 KM 17 10 9 77 138 34 23 16 14 8. 22 22 9 SNOW-SURE SKI RESORTS IN EUROPE VAL D'ISÈRE/ TIGNES FRANCE VAL THORENS CERVINIA FRANCE OBERGURGL SAAS-FEE SWITZERLAND ITALY SWITZERLAND 1,850- 2,100 m 2,300 m 2,050 m 1,800 m 1,930 m 289 KM 600 KM 350 KM 100 KM 110 KM 168 30 |101 28 30 26 | 13 16 Information by 1992 Albertville Gold Super G INTERNATIONAL SIGNS FOR SKI SLOPES AND THEIR DIFFICULTY When you're travelling abroad, be sure you know the signs the country is using to warn you about the level of difficulty of each slope EUROPE JAPAN AMERICA BEGINNERS EASY INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED EXPERT VERY DIFFICULT VARIATIONS TERRAIN PARKS 1994 Lillehammer Silver Downhill OFF-PISTE DIFFERENT TYPES OF SNOW CORDOURY After a piste has been groomed by a piste basher/snowcat, it is left with fine, corduroy-like ridges of snow - perfect for fast, carving turns on skis or a snowboard. CORN SNOW Snow with a rough, granular surface resulting from a series of melt/freeze cycles. Typical in springtime, it is at its best mid- to late-morning, after the top layer has begun to melt but before it is too wet and slushy. CRUD This covers a variety of snow, including windblown powder and wet, tracked spring snow. It is heavy and uneven: packed down in some places and piled up in others. It is generally best-suited to snowboarders, due to the large surface area of the board making it easier to cut through the snow. CRUST A hard, frozen layer of snow on the surface of the snowpack, often resulting from partial melting of the snow surface by direct sunlight followed by re-freezing, or formed by the packing action of wind on previously deposited snow. 1994 Lillehammer Silver Combined POWDER Freshly fallen, uncompressed snow often found off-piste. It forms a soft surface that allows the skis/snowboard to sink into it, creating the feeling of floating/weightlessness. PACKED POWDER Freshly fallen snow that has been compacted by a piste basher/snowcat or that has lain on the ground long enough to become compressed by skier or snowboarder traffic. Unlike powder, it is able to support the skis/snowboard without sinking. SLUSH Typically found during the spring season at the end of the day, slush refers to melted snow that is a mixture of small ice crystals and liquid water. As a result it is sloppy and heavy. It can be fun with practice, as there are no hard surfaces, resulting in smooth turns. ICE/HARD-PACK A very shiny, slick surface that results from direct sunlight melting the top layers of snow crystals and subsequently freezing. It is favoured by ski and snowboard racers for its speed. It is also harder to stop on. 1994 Lillehammer Bronze Super G SKI TECHNIQUES SKI CARVING HOW TO STOP MOGUL SKIING Make the shape Stopping is all about edge control. Turn your skis perpendicular to your Moguls or 'bumps' are regular mounds of snow which form on steeper of the skis do the work by applying less rotation and more lean. direction of travel and use slopes that have been the sharp edges of the skis to skid against the snow to stop. More angulation, therefore more edge, will repeatedly skied. To ski moguls in the fall-line, it is easiest to link the troughs, or ruts, together in be required on harder/icier a sequence. Knees need to stretch and bend to keep slopes. the skis in contact with the snow, preventing acceleration. Leaning forward will also help keep the speed down. Make a turn only by rolling your knees across the MOGUL fall-line in the direction you want to go and tilting the skis onto their edges. You can add more speed and more lean for a tighter radius. MOGUL PRESSURE MOGUL MOGUL OFF-PISTE SKIING Off-piste skiing is exploring ungroomed and unmarked terrain either just outside ski area boundaries or in remote areas. If often involves skinning to gain altitude and should only be done by experienced skiers and snowboarders who understand the dangers of avalanches and have appropriate equipment. WHAT DO I NEED? Avalanche transceiver Compass Shovel Probe Spare clothing Map Altimeter Hire a guide Not only can they reduce the chance of you getting into danger on the mountain, but also show you the best places to go. Don't skimp on equipment Avoid an insulated jacket and ski pants in favour of thin Gore-Tex or Forget camelbacks - hoses and bags often freeze. Take a bottle of mineral water instead, which is light and durable. similar, and layer up. A good-sized pack (2ÕL+) is important for carrying your avalanche gear and accessories. Above all, make sure you know how to use your avalanche gear before you set off. Even if you ski with a guide, know how to read the mountain. Do your research before your trip or join a starter course. 2002, Salt Lake City Gold Super G 2002, Salt Lake City Gold Combined SKI RECORDS SIMONE 156.2 ORIGONE The fastest mph 251.4 km/h Italy As fast as a Javelin train 809 JOHAN REMEN EVESEN The longest ski jump feet Norway Longer than two London Eyes (800 ft) 246.5 m 62.13 The longest ski marathon miles BOREAL LOPPET 100KM Forestville, Quebec The same as the distance between London Romford London to Slough Eastbourne! Dartford Gillingham Croydon Maidstone Guilford Royal Tunbridge Wells Crawley Hastings Brighton Worthing Eastbourne 2006, Turin Gold Super G The most decorated alpine ski racer medals KJETIL ANDRÉ AAMODT Norway The only Ski Athlete with more than six Olympic medals HomeAway.couk- Graphic This is Visual Sources

Ski Season Tips & Advice

shared by msteen on Dec 10
Winter is here and the snow is starting to fall across the ski resorts. Check out this infographic which contains interesting ski tips and advice on where to go this winter.




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