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Shooting Tips to Bag More Ducks This Year

Duck Hunting Shooting Tips To Bag More Ducks Don't Rush Your Shots Practice In Advance 2. Practicing at the range with the same shotgun and ammunition under similar conditions prepares you well for your actual hunt and increases your chances of success. 1. Make a deliberate effort to slow down when mounting your gun, tracking your target and squeezing the trigger at just the right moment. Focus on Your Target Bird's Eye Use a Shotgun That Fits 3. 4. Focus on the bird's eye, and use this as your aiming point. This helps in two ways. One, if you can't see the eye, the bird is too far away; don't shoot! And two, if you can see the eye, keep your attention fixed on it, which will help you swing your shotgun ahead of the bird instead of behind it. A shotgun that's a poor fit will be harder to swing and hold on target than one that's customized to personal dimensions. A Gunsmith can adjust the stock to give your shotgun the right fit. HUNTING OBJECT Ibunting SHOTGUN BLIND BAG Wild DUCK STRAP aduenture DECOYS HUNTING LICENSE HUNTING CONDITIONS It is mandatory to buy a Federal Duck Stamp and other state licenses and permits because Duck Hunting is an extremely regulated sport. Download the free Farwide App to access all the relevant information on Duck Hunting on the go. Hunting location, local weather, duck species, time of day, direction and intensity of wind are important variables in duck hunting. Duck hunters generally find that wet, cooler, overcast days create the best environment for duck movement. HUNTING LICENSE A FARWIDE

Shooting Tips to Bag More Ducks This Year

shared by farwide_outdoors on Dec 05
As Duck Hunting Season is approaching, now is a great time to go for a hunt with your friend. But hunting a duck is not an easy task. It is the most challenging hunt out there. Follow these simple t...




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