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Savvy Travel Hacks for Modern Women

TRAVEL HACKS SAVVY FOR Modern Women Roll your clothes instead 4 folding them Charge devices through . modern TV Turn on private browsing for cheaper flights You can save a huge amount of space by rolling instead of folding your chlothes. Small items like socks can even then by stored inside shoes to save even more space, and it helps prevent creasing! If you've forgotten your wall plug for your phone charger, you can charge your phone via the USB port on the back of most modern TV's. Just plug it in and it will charge as normal. Airlines and travel sites use cookies to record previous visits and determine the price you're shown. Turn on private browsing to get the best possible price whenever you book flights. Email yourself, pasiport and documents scans of your Mark gour baggage fragile fingioge Pat a tumble drzer sheet your lugjage Everytime you book a flight, train or bus, take a screenshot or scan of your journey details, boarding passes and anything else you might need. It's easier than printouts, and could come in very handy. By putting a 'fragile' sticker on your bag, you can ensure it will be handled properly and it will be kept on top of the luggage pile, meaning your bag will be one of the first ones out when you get there. This will ensure your clothes smell fresh when you open your bag, even after hours of being stored in luggage compartments. It's also useful when you've got dirty laundy in your suitcase. ga Wi-Fi pamwords on social media Pack lighter and take less with you Make uphone your own speaker You don't always want to have to pay for WIFi when travelling, and luckily lots of people will share passwords for WiFi on social media sites such as FourSquare. Pack clothing items around a colour scheme (such as denim/black/white/grey) so that it's easy to mix and match. Dress up your outfits with scarves or jewellery to minimise packing. You can make a quick and effective smartphone speaker by just placing your phone inside a glass or tube, or by cutting a slit inside a used toilet roll and placing your phone in the slit. Store necklaces your a straw Protect all your cables Roll silk scarves in an with pen springs cmptiy paper Tube You can make use of a couple of straws to store your necklaces, preventing them from being tangled while they're in your luggage. They will also add an extra level of protection. You can protect your cables by using the springs from click pens or biros. Simply remove the spring and wrap it around the end sections of your cables, keeping them protected for longer. Instead folding your silk scarves, roll them around an empty paper towel tube and use hạir bạnds to keep them in place, giving you a great way of packing both! Bring pure lavendesr Pill containers can tore oil with you your jewellery You Jogle can use Maps offlene Always carry a 30ml bottle of pure lavender essential oil (100%). This amazing natural oil will be your first aid kit for many things such as cuts, sun burn and relaxation. Use a pill container to store your jewellery when you're travelling. The small compartments are perfect for small pieces such as earrings, rings and other pieces. You can save sections of Google Maps to your phone for offline use. Simply type 'OK maps' into Google will be saved and available even when Maps, and that sect you don't have Internet access. ChloBo Irresistibly Collectable Jewellery

Savvy Travel Hacks for Modern Women

shared by Designbysoap on Sep 13
Heading off on holiday? Check out these 15 savvy travel hacks from ChloBo, designed to make your travels that little bit easier.




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