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Rude Hand Gestures from Around the World

RUDE HAND GESTURES FROM AROUND THE WORLD Anybody that's found themselves in a foreign country struggling to make themselves understood will no doubt have resorted to hand gestures at some point. Next time you think about talking with your hands just make sure your gestures aren't also misunderstood, or you could find yourself in trouble with the locals. THE THE W NKER MIDDLE FINGER A true joy to perform, calling someone a w"nker without accompanying it with the The middle finger is universally understood as an appropriate gesture doesn't do this great bit of British slang justice. Although the recipient of your gesture probably won't feel quite as F-you' to the recipient. Isn't it nice not having to worry about meanings getting lost in translation? enamoured with it. You THE SUCK C CK! V SIGN While the V sign means peace A w'nker hand with knuckles whichever way you look at it in facing up motioning towards an much of the world, in the UK and some of the other open mouth with tongue in cheek. While Wikipedia can't confirm or deny whether this is a commonwealth countries showing your fingernails is globally offensive gesture, feel free to try it on your travels and let us know. closer to a declaration of war. ME NE FREGA THUMBS UP Often accompanied with the phrase 'Non mi frega' - which translates as 'I don't give a damn' - sweeping the hand from under the chin towards You might get away with putting your thumb up in Thailand, where it's the equivalent of sticking out your tongue but in other countries you won't be so someone is a rather blunt way of saying you couldn't care less. lucky. "My thumb's cold, want to warm it with your bottom?" is how many people around the A-OK THE world interpret the thumbs up. To guarantee insult make sure to thrust the thumb upwards. THE DOG CALL From insinuating someone is homosexual to calling them an A-hole or simply as a shorthand for 'F-you, the A-OK sign doesn't necessarily travel well. While many of these offensive gestures might land you in a fight, the dog call is the only gesture that could land you in prison. If you're going to try seducing someone, think of another way to call them over. THE SOUTHPAW HANDSHAKE HANDS IN YOUR POCKET In many parts of the world, the left hand has traditionally been used and is often still used for. erm. personal matters. Extending your left hand to someone is pretty much like saying you think of them as If you thought you could accidentally escape making any rude hand gestures by keeping your hands in your excrement. Not cool. pocket you're out of luck. In THE many parts of the world. including the UK, keeping CORNA your hands in your pockets is a sign of rudeness. especially when talking to someone. THE MOUTZA A favourite gesture of many a rocker; in some parts of the world, the Corna is a not so subtle way of saying I'm having intercourse with your wife behind your back. Use at your peril. If you find yourself wanting to order five shots of ouzo don't spread out your palm - you'll essentially be telling your bartender you've got an off-the-menu delicacy to THE CUTIS feed them. THE Sometimes insulting one person is not enough - that's when the cutis comes in FIVE FATHERS handy. Not only does it say "F-you' it says 'F your mother, F your father. F your sister and brother. F your sons and daughters. F-your." you get the picture. (4) Fancy suggesting someone's mother is a whore? Just make the five fathers gesture at them. And then run away. THE TAPITA Quickly. THE FIG SIGN For some reason, pretending to get sauce out of a brand new bottle of tomato ketchup is equivalent to saying someone has a small penis in Chile. CROSSED FINGERS While in some cultures the fig is a gesture to ward off evil spirits in others it represents female genitalia or is a rude way of dismissing a request for help. If you find yourself in Vietnam needing good luck it's probably best not to cross your fingers - they're considered to resemble the female genitals. THE VULCAN SALUTE BARED SOLES Demonstrating your sympathies for the Vulcan race might sound like a good idea (who wouldn't want to live long and prosper?) but if you're surrounded by Klingons you might want to give it a miss. It's not just your hands that can get you in trouble - showing the cultures is also considered rude as the feet are considered lowly. SOURCES REFERENCES THE LITTLE FINGER WAG tures-that-can-get-you-killed-overseas html tures-from-around-the-world/ tures-that-might-be-highly-misunderstood-abroad Fancy suggesting a man has a teeny weeny peeny? Then simply wag your little finger at him. tood-abroad/ tures-in-one-place-but-offensive-elsewhere/ JUST THE FLIGHT

Rude Hand Gestures from Around the World

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The secret to an amazing holiday is to live like a local, rather than a tourist. You've got to be careful though - so much as a thumb in the wrong direction could prove to be a huge insult to your hos...


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