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Roads of the Future

ROADS OF THE FUTURE HEAD UP DISPLAYS WHAT: Images that are projected onto the front windscreen of the car that provides information on speed, gps, directions and warning messages. WHEN: 2013 BMW, Hyundai and Volvo have already implemented windscreen projections into their newest models. Russian startup Hudway set up an app in 2013 that projects 3D satellite navigation, aimed at those who can't afford a luxury car. ROADBLOCKS: There is debate over whether the visuals are any less dangerous than looking down at your phone as a visual distraction. SOLAR POWERED ROADS WHAT: Solar panels encased in concrete and covered in tempered glass that could charge cars as they drive. Heat pumps that are embedded underneath the roads that release thermal fluid to melt snow and ice. 2014 WHEN: Netherlands' TNO Research Institute created a bike path powered by solar panels in November 2014. American engineers, Julie and Scott Brusaw, have received millions in funding for their project and want to expand the technology to public roads. ROADBLOCKS: Cost and durability are the biggest issues. Solar panels are expensive and also aren't made to withstand the pressures that our everyday roads experience. SELF-DRIVING CARS WHAT: Self-driving cars work through various sensors built into the car that sense other vehicles on the road as well as road curbs and lane markings. Video cameras detect traffic lights and pedestrians. All sensors are analysed by a central computer that controls acceleration, steering and braking. PROTOTYEE 2014 WHEN: Google built their first self-driving car prototype which they unveiled in December 2014. ROADBLOCKS: Could cause motion sickness for passengers as they focus on other activities, sensors need improvements. TALKING TRAFFIC LIGHTS WHAT: Traffic lights that use radar sensors and cameras to communicate directly with your car and smartphone, advising on speed levels and giving warnings when necessary. 2015 WHEN: A pioneering scheme in Newcastle is currently underway where 20 traffic lights in the city are communicating with cars on what speed they should driving to make sure they always arrive at a green light. ROADBLOCKS: Challenges in changing public perception as people are accustomed to the visual element of a traffic light. Progress could be hindered depending on the development of vehicle-to-vehicle communication. ELECTRICITY GENERATED TYRES WHAT: A concept involving taking heat produced from a tyre and transforming into electrical energy to recharge a car's battery WHEN: 2015 Goodyear unveiled two concepts at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Although only concepts, they offer a glimpse into what the future could hold for high-tech tyres. ROADBLOCKS: There is no details on how the tyre's thermo-piezoelectric layer will transform heat into energy and is unlikely to reach the market in the near future. SELF-HEALING CONCRETE WHAT: Concrete that 'heals' itself when small cracks appear to avoid the costly and inconvenient process of repairing potholes. NEAR WHEN: FUTURE Cardiff, Cambridge and Bath University are planning field trials in the near future which involve microcapsules of bacteria that burst open to seal the crack with limestone upon contact with water. ROADBLOCKS: Challenges will involve how to successfully integrate capsules into concrete and finding the balance between being robust enough to withstand mixing process but sensitive enough to break open when necessary. DRIVERLESS PODS/ FLYING CARS WHAT: A hybrid between a car and a plane with folded wings for automobile use and a propeller with extended wings for aircraft use. 2017 WHEN: Aeromobil unveiled a working prototype in 2013, and want to launch their flying car to the public in 2017. ROADBLOCKS: Risks associated with flying cars would be much higher and far more detrimental than risks of driving on the ground. Presented by: ALPHA ELECTRICS Industrial & Technical Services

Roads of the Future

shared by AlexGillham on Jun 19
This infographic explores the way in which our roads are transforming and what the future holds for road technology



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