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Please Stow All Electronic Devices Before Takeoff

PLEASEALL stow ELECTRONIC DEVICES BEFORE TAKEOFF Why, exactly, do we have to turn off our devices before we take off? The answer may be more obvious than you think. infographic by Daniel Tewfik Although this is the popular belief, this theory is not true. The FCC & FAA set the standard of having all avionic and consumer equipment operating on separate wavelengths. Theory 1: Mobile devices interfere with airplane equipment 500 MHz 2 GHZ 10 GHz 30 GHZ Aeronautical Communication Consumer Electonics (S-Band) Moreover, many pilots use their own mobile devices. Pilots used to carry around binders of flight information. With the advent of iPads and other digital tablets, many have replaced their binders with digital equivalents. You can find pilots using iPads before, during, and even after flights. They do not interfere with avionic equipment. Thankfully for physics, that's not how electromagnetics work. Frequency does not become stronger with more users. Theory 2: Maybe one device won't interfere, but if If it did, we'd have to wear the entire flight suits to protect us from our day-to-day exposure to were on their radio frequencies. devices, it would Although a viable theory, the FAA would not have to do much testing Theory 3: The FAA doesn't want to test every new device against every airplane's equipment It might be surprising, but most mobile devices share identical radio equipment and other components. As long as the device isn't home-made or custom -made, the chances that the airplane manufacturer hadn't tested it is close to impossible During takeoff and landing, the aircraft is still moving wildly fast. Since you (and your mobile device) are still relatively close the ground, the device continues to attempt to connect to cell towers. If this happens rapidly and often enough, it will quickly burn out cell Theory 4: towers. Although this is technically true, the FCC is realizing that it's a technicality that can be managed. In a letter written in Dec. 2012, FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski petitions the FAA to allow flyers to use tablet and eReader devices. Quickly moving mobile device users are overloading cell towers during takeoff That's right. The US government is asking the US government to allow devices on airplanes during takeoff and landing. So far, the FAA hasn't accepted this request. So... what is the ╩╗real' reason we have to turn off our devices? Honestly, it's to have you pay attention during the most accident - prone part of the flight. 12% Taxi 30% Ascent 8% Cruising 25% 25% Descent Landing Only 8% of airline accidents happen at altitude 42% happen during takeoff 50% happen during landing The FAA and your flight attendants want a safe flight. By having you pay attention to the pre-flight safety demonstration and being attentive to what's happening onboard, they manage the risk of in-flight accidents. What can you do now? 1. Put your devices away 2. Pay attention while flying 3. Petition the FAA to update their electronic safety precautions 4. ???? 5. Profit. edtewfik SOURCES "Aviation Radio Bands and Frequencies." SMeter, n.d. Web. <brp:// spectrum/ aviation.php>. Bilkon, Nick. "FAA Approves IPads in Cociepits, but Nor for Passengers." NY TIMES BITS. New York Times, m.d. Web. 17 Mar. 2013. <brp://>. Bilton, Nick. "F.C.C. Calls on FAA. to Allow Electronics on Planes." FCC Calls on EAA to Allow Electronics on Planes Comments. New York Times, 6 Dec. 2012. Web. 17 Mar. 2013. "Causes of Fatal Acidents by Decade (percentage)." Accident Statistics., 2012. Web. 17 Mar. 2013. Peckbam, Mat. "Is It Time to Let People Use Gadgets during Takeoff and Landing? FCC Thinks so." Time. Time, 10 Dec. 2012. Web. 17 Mar. 2013. <brp:// techland should-mobile-device-use-enpand-on-planes-fec-tells-faa-its-time-because-it-is/>. "People Not Turning off Electronics on Planes." YouTnbe. YouTrbe, 14 May 2012. Web. 17 Mar. 2013. <brp://>. "The Trutb About Phones on Airplanes." YouTube. Discovery News Channel, 04 Jan. 2013. Web. 17 Mar. 2013. <brp://>. Image: bttps:// archive/ nttechnical.php?contents=ntr200805sf3.btmi accidents (%)

Please Stow All Electronic Devices Before Takeoff

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Why you have to put away your electronic devices during takeoff and landing.


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