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The Plane Facts

THE PLANE FACTS British Airways passengers consume 6 tonnes Aircraft are now highly computerised. The pilot only has manual controls for of caviar per year 3 minutes throughout the whole flight (for take off & landing) African elephant the largest land animal in the world The pilot & flight controllers must be able to On aircraft water boils at speak English 90°C English is the international however, proper tasty tea is made language of flight with water that has been heated to 100 C! An airplane pilot and co-pilot are required to eat different meals to reduce the chance of food poisoning, ensuring the safety of at least one pilot! In 2012, over 56m Co2 produced worldwide 3bn in 2012 passengers were carried by the world's airlines people are employed worldwide in aviation & related tourism 8.36m 3bn was the WORLD'S POPULATION in 1960, it now equals MORE THAN the combined 8.36m is just under population of China, India & USA the population people work directly in the aviation industry of Austria Paper Plane World Records If aviation were a country, it would rank 19th in the world in terms Farthest flight by a paper aircraft = 69.14 m (226 ft 10 in) Largest flying paper aircraft wing span = 13.97 m (45 ft 10 in) It was launched indoors & the distance flown = 34.8 m (114 ft 2 in) Longest flight duration record for a hand-launched paper aircraft =27.9 sec of gross domestic product (GDP), generating $539bn of GDP per year Larger than some members of the G20 (& around the same size as Switzerland) Famous Pilots John Travolta Qantas Ambassador Travolta owns a fleet 2013 World airline awards of 5 jets that he captains himself (including a Boeing 707) Harrison Ford Ford owns & flies a number of aircraft, with his favourite reported to be a De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver seaplane Morgan Freeman The Oscar winner was a comparatively late starter, gaining his private pilots license at the age of 65. He owns a number • of private aircraft including a Cessna 414 Angelina Jolie The Hollywood A-lister has been flying since 2004 & currently flies the single - engine Cirrus SR22 1st Emirates 2nd Qatar Airways Clint Eastwood 3rd Eastwood has been a private helicopter pilot for over 30 years & still flies in his 80s Singapore Airlines The World's Largest Airliners 472 Hippos Antonov An-225 Mriya First flight - 21st December 1988 World's largest airliner = greater than 640 TONNES 640 tonnes 9142 Humans @ 70kg 2.5 Blue whales Airbus A340-600 O ........ First flight - 23rd April 2001 World's 2nd longest passenger aircraft = 75.36m A380 22% The internal working temperature of the airplane's 4 engines is 3100°C of the Airbus is made of carbon fibre The engines are of the same length as a Mercedes C-Class car reinforced plastic 3600 litres 12 3- of paintis required to paint -9 the exterior of the aircraft The aircraft is designed for 140,000 flying hours 8000 bolts are used to Each Airbus costs over attach the 3 main parts of the aircraft £200m = about 1000 Airplanes are Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante EDINBURGH 75% quieter than 50 years ago. The Airbus is Vuvuzela = 127DB so big A380 plane = LONDON that many airports had to extend 82dB If all the wiring in the Airbus is laid end to end, it will stretch from Edinburgh their runways to accommodate the aircraft to London 320 miles The 747 Fleet The total electrical capacity of a 747-8 can power up to One 747 stands at almost a 7 floor 480,000 building height! 32 in flat screen televisions One 747-8 wing would accommodate the total 747-8 tail height living space of 19.5 m FOUR (63 ft 6 in) 3 bedroom six-story building 2 bathroom single residence homes (at 1,375 sq ft each) 45 carS would fit on one wing of a Boeing 747-400 = 10 The 747-8 is the longest commercial aircraft at 76.3 m (250 ft 2 in) = 100 suitcases lined up in a row = 10 10 42bn The 747 fleet has flown nautical miles logged (77.8bn km) 5.6bn people on the 747 fleet = 101,500 trips 80% of the world's population as of October 2012 from the Earth to the = 1bn Moon & back The 747-8 freighter It took could hold 75,000 approximately engineer drawings to build the first 19m 747-100 golf balls DATA SOURCES: Atag, Airbus, Airliners, Autocar, Aviatime, British Airways, Daily Mail, Guinness World Records IATA, Metro, OMG Facts, Private Fly, Scientific Era, Wiki, Wikipedia, World Airline Awards 689m tonnes 34bn tonnes

The Plane Facts

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