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Ningbo Mahjong History and Game Guide

中 發 MAHJONG A IN NINGBO A LOOK AT THE POPULAR GAME AND ITS TIES TO NINGBO HISTORY OF THE GAME 2,500 years ago: Popular myth claims it was invented then, but official records only date the game back to the 1880s. It has also been claimed that Chen Yumen invented the game in Ningbo during the mid-nineteenth century. 1900-1920s: the game spread throughout East Asian countries, the United States, and the British Empire. As regions adopted Mahjong, they changed its rules to fit with local preferences. 2002: The first Mahjong World Championship was held. Today: Mahjong maintains worldwide popularity in clubs and online gaming forums. Variations include Hong Kong, Japanese, British, American, Vietnamese, and Filipino versions. MAHJONG IS A TILE GAME IN WHICH FOUR PEOPLE COMPETE TO COLLECT SETS OF TILES THAT ALLOW A PLAYER TO CALL "MAHJONG" AND WIN THE GAME. --- --- --- WHEN THE GAME IS USED FOR GAMBLING, THE GOAL IS TO BUILD TILE SETS WITH THE HIGHEST POINT VALUE. HOW TO PLAY 中 發 All tiles are shuffled face down, then players draw 34 tiles each and build a wall in МАНJONG! front of themselves. The dice are thrown, and the total count is used to determine where to separate the wall, with the dealer dealing tiles from the left of that location. After each player has 13 tiles and the dealer has 14, the dealer discards the extra tile, and play begins. Players take turns drawing and discarding tiles until they have sets that will allow them to call "Mahjong." THE SETS THERE ARE THREE BASIC SETS OF TILES. A PUNG A KONG A CHOW SET OF 3 IDENTICAL TILES SET OF 4 IDENTICAL TILES RUN OF 3 TILES IN THE SAME SUIT TILES WERE ORIGINALLY MADE OF BONE OR IVORY, BUT MODERN SETS ARE PLASTIC, WOOD, OR CERAMIC. THE TILES TRADITIONAL CHINESE SETS CONTAIN 136 TILES, BUT OTHER VERSIONS HAVE 144 TILES. 36 BAMBOO TILES 36 CIRCLE TILES 36 CHARACTER TILES 東 16 WIND TILES 12 DRAGON TILES 4 FLOWER TILES AND 4 SEASON TILES (BOTH OPTIONAL; THEY'RE USED FOR BONUS POINTS) WINNING HANDS COLLECT A PAIR (2 IDENTICAL TILES) PLUS 4 PUNGS, KONGS, OR CHOWS TO CALL "MAHJONG." THE HIGHEST POINT VALUE IS DETERMINED BY SPECIFIC CRITERIA BASED ON THE HAND AND CONDITIONS IN WHICH IT WAS PLAYED. MAHJONG MUSEUM THE "MUSEUM" IS INSIDE THE TIANYI PAVILLION; A MUSEUM, LIBRARY, AND HISTORIC SITE IN NINGB0, WHICH FEATURES AN EXHIBIT ABOUT MAHJONG. THE DISPLAYS INCLUDE "HISTORY AND CULTURE OF MAHJONG," "MAHJONG AND NINGBO," "WORLDWIDE MAHJONG EXHIBITION," AND THE "CHINESE AND WESTERN MAHJONG PLAYING ROOM." ADMISSION: RMB 30 ADDRESS: 5 TIANYI STREET, HAISHU, NINGBO, ZHEJIANG, CHINA MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL, INC. IS A GLOBAL LEADINGLODGING gll Marriot. COMPANY WITH MORE THAN 4,000 PROPERTIES IN 78 COUNTRIES AND TERRITORIES ACROSS 18 BRANDS WORLDWIDE SOURCES Image Source: 中 發 中 發 大 萬

Ningbo Mahjong History and Game Guide

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Discover the history behind Ningbo's most popular game. Check out this guide to learn more about the game and the mechanics on how to play it.



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