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Mountain Folklore

* MOUNTAIN FOLKLORE * Ferocious beasts and terrifying legends Traveling to the mountains this summer for vacation with the family? Are you aware of all the ferocious beasts and haunting creatures that call the mountains home? We didn't think so. But have no fear, we'lIl fill you in on every story and legend that you should know about before hitting the hiking trails at night. BIGFOOT answers to: KNOBBY, BOOJUM Bigfoot has shaggy hair, a human face, unpleasant odor, and has been known to howl like a monkey. He's been spotted in woods all over the world. there have been REASON TO BELIEVE: 78 • Decent number of sightings • Video evidence Newsworthy first hand accounts REASON NOT TO BELIEVE: • No physical evidence 6-8 feet tall legitimate reported sightings Do we believe? YES BROWN MOUNTAIN LIGHTS On Brown Mountain in Burke County, North Carolina, there are glowing orbs on the side of the mountain. Even when the power is out, the lights still glow. They are said to be haunted by Cherokee women searching for fallen heroes during a battle between the Cherokee and Catawba tribes. REASONS TO BELIEVE IT'S HAUNTED • More of a chance it's a natural phenomenon • Sightings range from 1850 to present Do we believe? REASONS NOT TO BELIEVE IT'S HAUNTED YES • Could be caused by electromagnetic interference • Plasma create free-floating electrons that emits light • Could be lights of moonshine stills fire MOON-EYED PEOPLE REASONS TO BELIEVE • Many legends to believe • Could be apart of the pan dimensional con- spiracy as lizard people The Moon-Eyed People are small men with beards and and pale white skin that could not see during the day. REASONS NOT TO BELIEVE According to Cherokee legend, a battle between the Cherokee and Creek tribes against the moon eyed people drove them into hibernation underground. • No sightings • No Evidence habitat: Underground mountain living on Do we believe? NO Fort Mountain, which is known for its stone 850 ft wall that was said to be built by the moon-eyed people LAKE NORMAN MONSTER 'NORMIE"" 11 For decades, people have reported sightings of a creature with the head of a dinosaur and a slow moving body that looks like mud with fins. REASONS TO BELIEVE location: Lake Norman, North Carolina • Sightings from 1982 to present as recent as April 2013 • Lake Norman provides tours for visitors to find the monster Do we believe? REASONS NOT TO BELIEVE • No photographic evidence • Lake Norman is man-made NO DEVIL DOG LIZARD MAN This dog is said to terrorize motorists that drive on Highway 194 near an old cemetary or church. First sighting at 2am in 1988 by Christopher Davis. He changed a tire on the bridge and saw the creature on the road, which later jumped on top of his vehicle. appearance: Tall, large man- like dog with yellow teeth and glowing red eyes habitat: Underground mountain living on Fort Mountain, which is known for its stone 850 ft wall that was said to be built by the moon-eyed people appearance: 7ft. tall, with scales and hair. Three toes and fingers on each foot and hand. REASONS TO BELIEVE REASONS TO BELIEVE • Many claim to have been haunted by the dog • Prevalent accidents occur from seeing avoiding the dog Do we believe? • Sightings continue to this day • Personal accounts and damage are similar Do we believe? NO REASONS NOT TO BELIEVE NO REASONS NOT TO BELIEVE • The TV show Destination Truth studied the footprints and concluded it was all fabricated. • Sightings are personal accounts No evidence PETER DROMGOOLE 10 Do we believe? NO In Piney Prospect woods in 1833 two men fought for the love of a woman named Fanny. She heard of the duel and found Peter Dromgoole dead ona rock that is still stained by his blood today. Rumor has it that Peter was buried under the rock. location: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill REASONS TO BELIEVE REASONS NOT TO BELIEVE • Well known story • No body was found under the rock • "Blood" on the stone was from copper deposits • Many claim to see spirits around the woods JUDACULLA ROCK THE BEAST OF BLADENBORO Judaculla, a slanted eyed giant who was the Master-of-Game was said to have created the rock. Cherokee Indians believed that the etchings described how to transition between the spirit and real world. REASONS TO BELIEVE In 1953, a farmer claimed this creature attacked and killed his dog. More dog carcasses were found weeks after the sighting - all of them drained of blood. Do we believe? • Large rock • Well-known story YES • Physical evidence to support it appearance: cross between a bear and panther with a cat-like face. REASONS NOT TO BELIEVE • Scholars theorize it's from a prehistoric tribe from the Ice Age REASONS TO BELIEVE • People came to hunt for the beast Do we believe? • News hit local newspapers and magazines NO REASONS NOT TO BELIEVE • It could have been a bobcat SOURCES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Ore_Swamp#cite_ref-washpo1_1-0 10. 11. COPYRIGHT 2013 BLUERIDGECOMMUNITIES.COM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Mountain Folklore

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Ferocious beasts and terrifying legends of mountain folklore. From Bigfoot to Brown Mountain Lights.


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