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The Most Popular Travel Destinations

Popular Travel DESTINATIONS: LONDON UNITED KINGDOM WHY? • Inner London accommodates over 40 MILLION overnight stays by foreign tourist • 2012 SUMMER OLYMPICS preparations: • 33% increase in luxury Hotels from 2005 to 2012 THE 2012 SHARD 2005 • Completion of the tallest building in Western Europe, THE 1,016 FET. SHARD WHEN? Must see Mild weather all year long • Top 3 Paid Attractions (Combined total of 8.5M visitors in 2011) Spring & Fall offers mild weather around Summer weather Winter drops with rare snowfall to / Tomer of london I Westminster Abbey, St. Paul s Cathedral averages around 64°F 50°F 36-43°F I Royal Botanic Gardens NEED TO KNOW • Top 3 Free Attractions There are 11-15 RAINY DAYS every month throughout the year (Combined total of 23.6M visitors in 2011) MONTH / British Museum 10 11 12 / National Gallery / The Science Museum 1.5 IN 1.5 IN 2.3 IN 2.5 IN I Lowest rainfall Highest rainfall C* ISTANBUL TURKEY ISTANBUL WHY? CEVAHIR • HISTORICALLY and CULTURALLY rich THE HISTORIC GRAND BAZAAR • Founded in 7th century B.C. & was the capital of 2 OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST EMPIRES SKYFALL Ranked as the Often featured world's 6TH MOST in Hollywood movies such as POPULAR tourist destination ARGO WHEN? Must see SPRING TIME PLAN TO VISIT: • Two of the morld's largest ahopping centers V The Cevahir Mall 6 floors and over 200 shops During film and music festivals Fashion and April to May has 60-70°F weather design week / The Historic Grand Bazaar Over 35,000 shops and 61 covered streets Attracts over 250,000 visitors daily NEED TO KNOW Tap water is NOT RECOMMENDED for drinking PICKPOCKETING CONFUSING Practice pedestrian is an issue to navigate SAFETY and CAUTION QATAR QATAR WHY? $17 BILLION Invested towards the construction of luxury hotels, stadiums, airport, and museums/cultural sites • In 2011, visitors to Qatar increased: Must see 15% ... 50% from Europe from the Gulf • One of the mealthiest country in the morld Cooperation countries (GCC) Qatar has acquired priceless: I artmork I Ancheology V Exhibitions I Extensive cultural projects WHEN? AVOID SUMMERS PLAN TO VISIT: • The Museum of Ialamic Art ост V Features 800 pieces of art Up to 90% humidity, temperatures can reach up to MAY V Garnered 30,000 visitors in the first 15 days it opened V Over 1 MILLION visitors since the opening in 2008 for sunshine and 110+°F warm weather NEED TO KNOW Alcohol in Qatar is STRICTLY Swimsuits MODEST DRESS and beachwear covering shoulders, are RESTRICTED upper arms and legs is expected in other public spaces ENFORCED at hotel beaches GOA INDIA TT TIT TTT TT WHY? • Goa tourism has won the • In 2011 PATWA AWARD (PACIFIC AREA TRAVEL WRITERS ASSOCIATION AWARD) in the best beach destination category 2.6 MILLION tourists visited Goa WHEN? Must see PLAN TO VISIT: ост October to May when humidity is low & temps average at • Favorite Beaches MAY 68°F Over 99% of the tourists frequent the coastal stretches and silvery sand beaches of: I Bardez / Salcete I Tismadi 1 Marнадао NEED TO KNOW CRIME is a major issue 1,459 reported thefts, burglaries, or robberies in 2011 50% 1,265 reported thefts, burglaries, or robberies in 2012 of foreign tourists report being unsatisfied with their visit to the northeastern region due to safety concerns. KERALA INDIA WHY? WHEN? • The ancient Spice Coast of Kerala attracted AS A TROPICAL PLAN TO VISIT: total tourists 10,114,440 REGION for 2011 • Kerala Tourism won: SEP MAY 3 PATA Most of the year, temperature stays at around PATA (PACIFIC ASIA TRAVEL September to May is when most PATA PATA ASSOCIATION) 80°F Gold awards in 2011 tourists visit Kerala 1 GOLDEN CITY GATE AWARD Must see each year since 2011 • Boasts overn V 100 festivals throughout the year NEED TO KNOW = V 24 different art performances / 31 museums OVER 140 temples, churches, and mosques • Two most popular districts in Kerala Public displays of affection are NOT CONSIDERED NO BIKINIS and absolutely NO V Ernakulam A business metropolis, garnering over an acceptable behavior NUDITY 300,000 foreign tourists in 2011 I Thimuxananthapuram The capital, attracting 225,000 foreign tourists Smoking is BANNED in Consuming alcohol in public is FROWNED UPON public places SHANGHAI CHINA WHY? • China Tourism is seeing a BOOST from • In 2011 the city welcomed over EXPO Bejing 2u0g SHANGHAI CHINA 2008 2010 1 MILLION Beijing Olympics Shanghai World Expo tourists WHEN? MAY TO SEPTEMBER EXPERIENCES Frost-free up to Average temperature is 60% 95°F 230 DAYS 65°F of the annual 5o INCHES of rainfall is the highest temperatures will go a year Must see PLAN TO VISIT: • 37 widely diverse museums / With subjects ranging from art, history, aerospace and even comics V Plans to open 16 more by 2015 During Shanghai's many beautiful festivals and holidays • 1,535 ft tall Pearl Tomer offers sightseeing V A futuristic space needle that has shopping and a rotating restaurant V Pearl Tower attracts over 3 MILLION NEED TO KNOW visitors every year. Violent crime is rare but PICKPOCKETING can be an issue on main shopping streets DO NOT try to board or exit the Shanghai metro at the last minute or risk getting stuck in the doors SANTO DOMINGO DOMINICAN REP. п п WHY? WHEN? • OLDEST CITY in the New World • LARGEST CITY in the Dominican Republic 7-8 12-3 Must see Peak travel season to Ranges from the Dominican Republic is July-August and December-March 65-80°F I GRAND NATIONAL CARNIVAL throughout the year celebration V EL MALECÓN (seaside boardwalk) NEED TO KNOW / Historical sites in the Colonial Zone or PLAZA DE LA CULTURA / BOCA CHICA Beach Hurricane Season lasts from JUNE THROUGH NOVEMBER SAFETY ISSUES include You CANNOT drink the tap pickpocketing, purse snatching, cell phone theft, and mugging water RIO DE JANEIRO BRAZIL WHY? • Will be the host for: Rio2o16 FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil 2014 2016 FIFA World Cup Olympic Games • Brazil won 8 2012 WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS, including South America's Leading Destination • Brazil is South America's FASTEST GROWING travel and tourism economy WHEN? Must see Average temperature range is Winter is from May to September, but does not drop lower than • About so miles of coastal beachfront 70-80°F 50°F / World famous and award-winning COPACABANA BEACH V 365 ISLANDS scattered along NEED TO KNOW the coast of the Angra dos Reis region Biblioteca Nacional cNational library) I 7TH LARGEST library in the world / Collection includes OVER 9 MILLION items MUGGING, THEFT, AND MOSQUITOES can carry yellow fever and dengue fever OTHER CRIME have become problems SOURCES: | I || | | | | | | | | | | | | PRESENTED BY: HOLIDAY BIRDS III|||| 111

The Most Popular Travel Destinations

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A peek at some of the most popular travel destinations. you are exploring a country which is completely new to you, we’ll give you some background information as to what you should see, when to go,...


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