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Mexico - is it safe to travel there??

SAFETY IN MEXICO SINCE 2006, 109 INNOCENT AMERICANS WERE VICTIMS OF HOMICIDE IN MEXICO. In that time span about 80 million American citizens have traveled to Mexico. You are 25 TIMES MORE likely to be a victim of a homicide in Orlando. You are 48 TIMES MORE likely to be a victim of a homicide in Chicago. 54 TIMES MORE likely to be a victim of a homicide in Miami. You are Most of the murders involving Americans occurred in cartel hot spots, US Mexico border, and on drug trafficking routes. An American citizen is 16 TIMES MORE likely to be murdered while residing in U.S. than vacationing in Mexico. CHANCES OF DYING IN THE US Vs. DYING IN MEXICO US vs. on vacation in Mexico 0.005 .00496 at home 0.004 Especially in Mexico's top tourist destinations, such as Merida, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Tulum - your chance of being murdered in United States is 275 TIMES MORE LIKELY than being killed in these trendy tourist spots. 0.003 0.002 .00031 in Mexico 0.001 0.000 DEATHS BY LOCATION Most of the US citizen deaths occurred in border towns that have illegal drug activity or the production of narcotics. Baja California (Tijuana) Sonora Chihuahua (Cuidad Juarez) Most of the cartel deaths related to Mexicans are in the same locations where homicides involving Americans occur. This usually happens in Border States. Tamaulipas (Nuevo Laredo) Sinaloa POPULAR VACATION DESTINATIONS Homicide rates per 100,000 for the year 2010 - 2011 Mexico St. Lucia Chance of being a homicide victim while vacationing in Mexico's most popular Tourist State, Quintana Roo (incudes Playa del Carmen and Cancun) approx...1 in 11.4 million. Brazil Bahamas Jamaica Belize St. Kitts & Nevis 10 20 30 40 50 60 MORE LIKELY WAYS TO DIE ACCIDENTAL POISONING DROWNING EARTHQUAKE 1 in 11 million FALLING OUT OF BED 1 in 16,000 1 in 65,000 1 in 660,000 Sources:

Mexico - is it safe to travel there??

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There is a lot of coverage of the drug problem in Mexico, but what does that mean to the average traveler or person looking to relocate or retire in Mexico? The media coverage is rife with sensationa...


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