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London vs New York

London vs New York

So, Is it London or New York? Which of the two cities is the best to live in? This infographic compares and contrasts these cities to define a winner.

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</div> New York City OR London WHICH IS THE BEST CITY TO LIVE IN? London is a city that combines a sense of history with cutting- New York has linked its rising power and economic success to investments in arts and culture with it being a giant commercial edge creativity and a dynamic pop culture. As one of the most marketplace for these commodities. However, this creative energy is not just found in Manhattan with fantastic offerings in a genuine diversity of people – from radical activists to business Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. This city can compete with any. leaders, intellectuals to fashionistas. Cosmopolitan and tolerant capitals in the world today, it attracts 8,244,910 8,174,000 POPULATION FOOD.DINING WORK * AND 24,149 RESTAURANTS IN NEW YORK 37,450 RESTAURANTS IN LONDON AVERAGE NUMBER OF DAYS HOLIDAY INCLUDING BANK HOLIDAYS) HOW MANY MICHELIN STAR RESTAURANTS? NEW YORK 52 LONDON NYC32 LONDON THROW CUSTOMER SERVICE INTO THIS AND YOU ONLY HAVE ONE WINNER DAYS IS THE AVERAGE AMOUNT OF HOLIDAYS FOR EMPLOYEES N LONDON. NEW YORKERS ONLY GET BETWEEN 10 AND 13 DAYS HOLIDAY A YEAR EXCLUDING BANK HOLIDAYS (12 DAYS). BOTH CITIES OFFER PRETTY MUCH EVERY CAREER PATH YOU CAN THINK OF IN A BULT UP CITY, BUT WHEN JUDGED ON HOLDAYS AND EMPLOYEE PROTECTION STATISTICS RELATE TO AVAERGE COSTS GENERATED FROM EXPATISTAN.COM COST LN NY CUSTOMER SERVICE PINT OF MILK $1.67 $2.64 NO DEBATE NEEDED HERE, THERE IS ONLY ONE WINNER £l.06 $2.9 POTATOES £1.83 £1.66 NEW YORK $4.34 £2.73 2KG OF TRANSPORT 1 LITRE OF $2.20 GAS $1.12 £0.70 £1.39 BOTH CITIES OFFER FANTASTIC TRANSPORT LINKS INTERNALLY AND TO NEARBY AIRPORTS. WITH THIS IN MIND THERE ARE ONLY 3 DIFFERENCES TOBE JUDGED ON MONTHLY RENT FOR 900SQFT APARTMENT $3,380 $3,634 PRICE 24 HOUR SERVICE £2 £2. INTERNET 8MB (1 MONTH) $31.1 $49 NEW YORK LONDON £19.60 £31 24 HOUR SERVICE RESTRICTED - ) SERVICE TIMES Personal care in hew York City is 18% more expensive than in london TAMIN VITAM B2 $104 $207 A routine check-up in the UK is free along A routine a month a month doctor's check with other health services. in New York could set a patient back up to $60 dollars. $9.95 FOR 24 HOURS RENTAL El FOR 24HOURS RENTAL CULTURE O Y 11 383 220 214 420 857 721 4 1 18,901 1,482 NEW YORK EDGES IT PUBLIC LIBRARIES NATIONAL MUSEUMS MUSIC & NIGHTLIFE THEATRES LONDON NEW YORK ART GALLERIES NUMBER OF NIGHTCLUBS AND DANCE HALLS WORLD HERITAGE SITES 600 NO. OF OTHER HERITAGE HISTORICAL SITES 350 NUMBER OF BARS % PUBLIC GREEN SPACE 38.4% 14 7,200 THERE IS ONLY ONE 90 WINNER 2,200 NUMBER OF BARS PER 100,000 PEOPLE 30 LONDON MUSIC PERFORMANCES PER YEAR 17,000 22,200 NEW YORK ALL THE WAY WEATHER LN INY 20 JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC NEITHER CITY IS RENOWNED FOR ITS GREAT WEATHER. WITH NEW YORK REGULARY DROPPING BELOW FREEZING IN THE WINTER AND LONDON'S NON EXISTANT SUMMERS AND MISERABLE RAIN ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO PICK A WINNER. TRAVELLING X WHERE WOULD YOU RATHER LIVE FIYing out from either city a+ a maximum radius Of 1.500 miles exposes iondoners +o humerous more coun+ries than New Yorkers. ??? Sources new-york-bicycle-hire-works-london-and-paris-butmore-expensive BROUGHT TO YOU BY Loving®Apartments AVERAGE TEMP CENTIGRADE

London vs New York

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So, Is it London or New York? Which of the two cities is the best to live in? This infographic compares and contrasts these cities to define a winner.



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