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the Leaning Tower of Pisa facts

Torre di PISA The Leaning Tower of Pisa Who built the tower? Historians can't say for sure; not Its name is based on its location in the Pisa province of Tuscany, a district of central Italy known for its vast influence on high Italian culture, the arts and sciences, and also as the place where the Italian Renaissance first got its start. because the architect was too embarrassed to own up to that now infamous tilt. The records just aren't exactly clear. For many years, the design was attributed to Guglielmo and Bonanno Pisano, but recent studies seem to indicate Diotisalvi as the original architect. August 9, 1173 foundations laid resumed 1272 1284 halted again bell-chamber added 1372 1178 third floor finished - began to lean 1319 seventh floor completed aboq200 years to compiete IN 1172 A WIDOW NAMED BERTA DI BERNARDO BEQUEATHED 60 COINS TO THE OPERA CAMPANILIS PETRARUM SANCTE MARIE. THE SUM WAS USED TOWARD THE PURCHASE OF A FEW STONES 296 OR 294 STEPS WHICH STILL FORM THE BASE OF THE BELL TOWER. THE SEVENTH FLOOR HAS TWO FEWER STEPS ON THE NORTH-FACING STAIRCASE THE TOWER'S ORIGINAL PURPOSE WAS TO SERVE AS A BELL TOWER FOR THE PISA CATHEDRAL INSIDE THE TOWER THERE ARE SEVEN BELLS EACH BELL REPRESENTS ONE NOTE OF THE Dal Pozzo MUSICAL MAJOR SCALE Il Vespruccio La Pasquereccia La Terza San Ranieri Il Crocifisso L'Assunta WEIGHT IS ESTIMATED AT 14500 METRIC TONS PRIOR TO RESTORATION WORK PERFORMED 5.5° 3.99° BETWEEN 1990 AND 2001 THE TOWER LEANED AT AN ANGLE OF THE TOP OF THE TOWER 3.9m IS DISPLACED HORIZONTALLY FROM WHERE IT WOULD BE IF THE STRUCTURE WERE PERFECTLY VERTICAL 2.44m WIDTH OF THE WALLS AT THE BASE IS 56.67 55.86 METRES ON THE THE HIGH SIDE METRES ON THE THE LOW SIDE ENGINEERS BUILT UPPER FLOORS WITH ONE SIDE TALLER THAN THE OTHER TO COMPENSATE FOR THE TILT, MAKING THE TOWER NOT ONLY LEANED, BUT CURVED TOO INADEQUATE FOUNDATION GROUND MATERIAL CAUSED THE SOIL TO COMPACT AT A DIFFERENT RATE, CAUSING THE TOWER TO TILT, SHIFT AND SINK AND UNSTABLE MIXTURE OF 30-40cm 32240 BLOCKS FOR THE FACE OF INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR WALLS COLUMNS FOR THE BELFRY !! 180 COLUMNS FOR THE ARCADES 15 HALF COLUMNS FOR THE GROUND STORY 1160 in the Pisans built a canal northeast of the city to link Pisa directly to the marble quarries. 100m long steel suspenders had been secured to the tower in 1998 as a precaution in case it needed to be yanked back up 750 metric tons of specially cast lead ingots were 1| stacked on the north side of the tower (1993) and soil was very carefully extracted with drilling equipment (1999) AND YES - "PISA PUSH" WILL PROBABLY REMA IN FA VOURITE TOURIST PHOTO POSE FOR MANY YEARS TO COME June 17th 2001 it was finally opened for public visits - after ten years of hard and dedicated work Towers of Bologna Parliament Clock Tower Tiger Hill Pagoda China (c 960) Bad Frankenhausen Tower of Nevyansk Russia (c 1732) Suurhusen "Big Ben" England (1858) Italy (1119) Tower church tower Germany (1382) Germany (c 1450) PISA TOWER IS NOT THE ONLY FAMOUS LEANING STRUCTURE IN THE WORLD, BUT IT'S DEFINITELY A VERY SPECIAL ONE. CENTURIES OF HARD WORK AND FEW SIMPLE MISTAKES MADE IT GLOBALY FAMOUS ARCHITECTURAL MASTERPIECE. Brought to you by 7 TourVia Me find us on: O TourVia.Me f /TourViaMe O/TourViaMe 8/+TourViaMe P/TourViaMe Sources: "Leaning Tower of Pisa Facts". Leaning Tower of Pisa. Pierotti, Piero. (2001). Deotisalvi – L'architetto pisano del secolo d'oro. Pisa: Pacini Editore "Leaning Tower of Pisa (tower, Pisa, Italy) – Britannica Online Encyclopedia". "Tower of Pisa". June 17, 2001. "EUROPE | Saving the Leaning Tower". BBC News. December 15, 2001. "E la Torre di Pisa non oscilla più". Scienze. TV. May 28, 2008. "Leaning Tower of Pisa: 1920's Photo of Dal Pozzo" Boca Raton News - May 16, 2001. /params/Percorso_8/Luoghi_116/ref/Two%20Towers.%3A%20Garisenda%20and%20Asinelli Capitular Record Offices of Pisa, parchment n. 248 TILT:A Skrwed History of the Tower of Pisa - January 1, 2003. TOWER NOW LEANS AT ABOUT HEIGHT

the Leaning Tower of Pisa facts

shared by MiroslavBoljevic on Nov 05
In 2009 I had a privilege visiting this marvellous monument of medieval European engineering. Few weeks ago I decided to turn the most interesting Pisa facts into an infographic. Enjoy!


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