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Know Culture: Dubai

UK 3,396 miles KNOW CULTURE: DUBAI Dubai All you need to know about living and working in Dubai PRICE COMPARISON (Dubai vs UK) £0.26 E £1.45 E £5.65E Marlboro £8.30 TICKET• £0.66 E £6.53 E Quantity: 0.33L Quantity: 20 cigarrettes Quantity: 1 person £1.58 E £0.28 E £62 E £2.40 £1.30 EK £35 EK Quantity: 12 eggs Quantity: IL of petrol Quantity: 1 month gym membership Y. £5.65 E £9 E £6 E £24.23 E £3.26 E £41.80 E Quantity: 1x Cocktail Quantity: 0.33L imported beer Quantity: 2pax mid-range meal - 3 courses GENERAL INFORMATION Emiratis 17% Other 25% 83% 96% Other nationalities Muslim, Hindu & Christian 20 to 25% of the world's cranes are currently operating in Dubai Dubai Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Dubai is the second largest city Time difference: 3 hours ahead (BST) and 4 hours ahead (GMT) Population: of the United Arad Emirates 2,109,274 LAW SOCIAL BANK DISHONOURED ALCOHOLIC PAY DRINKS LICENCE SUM NAME 6789-134526789-1231234 31/12/2015 Default on payments for cheques is illegal For an alcohol consumption licence you need a letter from the employer, a residence permit and a passport Dancing in public is considered indecent Nearly 0% crime rate НOTEL CAFE Citizenship to foreigners requires +10 years of marriage Alcohol can only be sold in hotels and establishments adjoining hotels FAMILY WORK CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Weekends are Friday and Saturday Unwed couples cannot cohabit ТАХ FREE Salaries and products Average household is 7.6 members in Dubai are Tax Free DRESS CODE FEMALE Sleeveless Vest Vest Short Top See-Through Short Pants Tight Pants Torn Pants Coulottes Mini-skirt MALE Sleeveless Vest Shorts Coulottes Dubai, being one of the more liberal states in the Emirates, does not generally enforce heavy laws upon dress codes. However, bearing in mind that you are in an Islamic Emirate, showing flesh is considered indecent and therefore should be avoided in public places such as malls. TRADITIONAL DRESS CODE Egal Shailah Gotra Abaya Kandura (also known as thawb, thobe, dishdasha, suriyah) Kerkusha (optional) Ghafiya (worn under the gutra) This is a standard traditional dress code that can be found throughout Dubai, generally amongst Emiratis ECONOMY OF THE UAE Other Other India 44.2% 17% 13.4% India 49.5% 13.7% China 10.7% Iran 10.5% United 5.3% 5.5% 5.5% Thailand States 5.1% South 4.2% Korea Singapore Japan Germany Exports Imports 314 Billion USD 273.5 Billion USD SOURCES • Brought to you by tryl=United+Arab+Emirates&cityl=Dubai&country2=United+Kingdom &city2=London&displayCurrency=GBP • • • johnmason Internationalmovers LCELFBRATING 130 VFARS @JohnMasonIntl Coca-cola

Know Culture: Dubai

shared by Samatjohnmason on Feb 24
John Mason operates in a range of countries, including the United Arab Emirates where many westerners go to work in some of the Middle East's most exciting cities. That said, Dubai, although cultural...




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