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Keeping Your Money Safe Abroad

KEEPING YOUR MONEY SAFE ABROAD An easy guide to stress-proofing your holiday ..... ...... What kind of traveller are you? AIRPORT Laidback but well-prepared Ditzy and chaotic Organised, active and confident Nervous and careful Happy-go-lucky Whatever your type, these tips may well prove useful. Plan ahead How to be prepared, in case something valuable does go missing while away... Take separate photocopies of your passport and driving license-keep these apart ÉST NTake a photo of any valuable belongings DRIVER'S LICENSE COPY Bring a note of your card providers' helpline numbers and keep this separate from your cards Check where the nearest UK embassy or consulate is at your destination What about travel insurance? Travel insurance can provide a wide range of cover, from medical expenses to money and personal belongings Before you go, make sure you have the right level of cover. If you have home insurance this may provide some holiday cover, but the excess could be higher and the limits lower Better safe than sorry! What about cards and money? Will you take cash, pre-paid currency cards, credit or debit cards (or a combination)? CURRENT BALANCE Credit Card £231.92 Let your card provider(s) know in advance where and when you are going-make sure they have up-to-date contact details for you You can use apps to keep track of how much money is left on your card(s) Only bring what you'll need- including a backup card-and a little bit of emergency cash while away Most importantly, relax and have fun! Time to hit the beach, climb a hill, or explore a new city-but remember, be carefree, not careless. BANK CAFE Using your credit or debit card? What about cash? Got a pre-paid currency card? Don't let your card out of your sight Avoid carrying around large amounts of cash Load one or more foreign Keep your PIN to yourself currencies onto the card Exchange money at a recognised trader-like a bank or exchange bureau before you go Shield your PIN when typing it in and make sure you enter it correctly-the pad may be different abroad You can top up as you go Note that your card issuer(s) may charge fees for card purchases, cash withdrawals and card top-ups Worried about pickpockets? Dress casually and try to blend in Keep spare cash, valuables and important documents -including passports/ driving licenses-in your hotel safe if you have one Check maps in bars and restaurants, rather than on the street Don't leave bags unattended Split your cash up Avoid flashing your cash or valuables Be aware of your belongings in busy places Keep money belts under your clothes What if passports, money, cards or valuables are lost or stolen? Ouch! That stings. But knowing what to do and where to go can help. REPORT Tell your card provider(s) immediately to the local police straight Report it POLICE away Ask for a written police report; you will need it to make a travel insurance claim If your passport is lost or stolen, contact the closest embassy or consulate a.s.a.p. when you get home Time for a reality check Do all transactions on your bank statements make sense? calendar Remember to pay any outstanding balance in full, to avoid interest and fees Bon voyage! Sainsbury's Bank

Keeping Your Money Safe Abroad

shared by Suzy on Mar 03
As we're coming into Spring, it's time to start planning your next adventure abroad. Check out this handy guide from Sainsbury's Bank on keeping your money and valuables safe while you're away.


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