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International America Roadtrip

NOT NORMAL AMERICA A series of Not Normal Road Trips presented by INTERNATIONAL AMERICA ROAD TRIP MOSCOW, ID FLORENCE, OR BRISTOL, SD LEBANON, PA PERU, IN LISBON, OH DUBLIN, CA ZURICH, KS WILCOME tr PARIS, TN Burich, KANSAS PEr . 99+ YOU DUBLIN, TX ODESSA, TX END START VENICE, FL All brand names are trademarks of their parent companies. WELCOME to Zurich, KANSAS POPULATION: 99+ YOU. START .** ODESSA, TX DUBLIN, TX ZURICH, KS PARIS, TN Hop over to the birthplace of the roping rabbit rodeo - outlawed in 1977 after objections from Hunt for a different type of little green man, sighted after a reported 1891 UFO crash. Stay for a while in this little town and help bring their population of 99 into triple digits. Stand in awe of the magnificent Eiffel Tower. At 60-ft tall, it's not quite as grand as the original, but it's a lot closer! the Humane Society. PERU, IN LISBON, OH LEBANON, PA VENICE, FL You won't find any llamas, but not every town can say they are the home of the International Circus Hall of Fame. Get your traditional Appalachian dulcimer on Celebrate the New Year with a 12 ft, 150 lb bologna suspended from a fire truck ladder and dropped at midnight. Searching for shark teeth in the "Shark's Tooth Capital of the World" is almost as romantic at this town's annual Dulci-More Music Festival. as a moonlit gondola ride. BRISTOL, SD MOSCOW, ID FLORENCE, OR DUBLIN, CA END Lock your car doors or you will leave this town's Zucchini Fest Spot the rough-skinned Newt, a native of the Pacific coast, Enjoy a Renaissance in a town that loves its birds so much, it Watch your head! Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters" once accidentally fired a cannonball with more zucchini in your vehicle than you ever wanted. whose charms make up for this town's lack of onion domes. once dynamited a sperm whale to feed local seagulls. into a local resident's house. I NOT ISALES NOR MINI MAL EVENT THE

International America Roadtrip

shared by Hyperakt on Oct 17
We couldn't resist this one. We admit it. We love MINI. Most normal car brands don't have much personality, but MINI is not normal. It's feisty, its fun, its joyful and it's not afraid to be different...





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