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Infographic: Malaysia’s 50 Highest Mountains

Malaysia's 50 Highest Mountains 4000m There are 82 four-thousanders in the Alps located in Switzerland, France and Italy Gunung Kinabalu 4095m AMS Acute mountain sickness usually occurs at average height above 3000 masl Gunung Trusmadi, Sabah 2642m Gunung Tambuyukon, Sabah Gunung Murud, Sarawak Gunung Mulu, Sarawak 2579m 99% of bird migration occurs below 3000m (all species) 2422m 2376m Gunung Tahan, Pahang 2187m Gunung Korbu, Perak 2183m Gunung Yong Belar, Pahang Gunung Gayong, Perak Gunung Chamah, Kelantan Gunung Yong Yap, Kelantan Gunung Ulu Sepat, Kelantan 2181m 2173m 2171m 2168m Doi Inthanon 2565m Highest point of Thailand 2161m Gunung Batu Putih, Perak 2131m Gunung Tama Abu, Sarawak Gunung Irau, Pahang Gunung Benom, Pahang Gunung Apd Runan, Sarawak Gunung Gerah, Perak/Kelantan 2112m 2110m 2107m 2103m 2103m Puncak, Perak Bukit Batu Buli, Sarawak Gunung Bilah, Perak/Kelantan Gunung Berembun, Perak Gunung Belatok, Pahang Gunung Bieh, Perak Gunung Junction, Perak Gunung Gedung, Pahang 2088m 2082m 2076m 2076m 2073m 2073m 2071m Middle Clouds 2065m Altocumulus or Altostratus Gunung Batu Lawi, Sarawak 2046m Gunung Brinchang, Pahang 2031m Gunung Tangga, Pahang Bukit Batu, Sarawak 2014m MEX 2012m Gunung Wakid, Sabah 2000m Gunung Swettenham, Pahang/Kelantan 1961m Gunung Shoid, Kelantan Gunung Ulu Kechau, Pahang Gunung Liang Timur, Perak Gunung Liang Barat, Perak Gunung Turnang Batak, Pahang Gunung Berhid, Kelantan 1947m 1945m 1933m 2240m Altitude of Mexico City 1933m 1932m 1931m Gunung Challi, Pahang Gunung Siku, Pahang Gunung Tok Nenek, Perak Gunung Lumaku, Sabah Gunung Noring, Perak Gunung Bintang, Kedah/Perak Gunung Noring Timur, Kelantan Gunung Berembun, Pahang Gunung Basor, Kelantan 1922m 1915m 1904m 1900m 1888m 1862m 1861m 1840m 1840m Gunung Semangkok, Selangor Gunung Botak, Perak 1824m iPhone 6 Survives Crazy Drop Test From A Wings uit 2000m Up In The Air 1817m This infographic is brought to you by TravelledPaths of Like us on * Placement not in scale Source: 1. http://www.malaysia- Source: 2 iluuluuluululluuluuluulumlulluuluulumluu

Infographic: Malaysia’s 50 Highest Mountains

shared by travelledpaths on Apr 19
Malaysia’s 50 Highest Mountains and how they measure up against other world landmarks




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