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How to relocate to another country

SOLD How to relocate to another country Leaving the UK Most popular countries in general 3 Spain Australia USA Canada New Zealand Most popular countries for employment 1 England = 82% 2 Scotland = 8% 2 3 3 Wales = 6% 4 Northern Ireland = 4% Australia USA Canada New Zealand Europe Distance has been shown to be an irrelevant factor - job opportunities and quality of life are more significant. Most costly aspects of moving abroad: Money loss: Transferring capital from a domestic bank to a foreign bank can cost heavily due to currency fluctuations. For example, between 2010 and 2011, the Australian dollar grew by 9.7% against the British pound, meaning that someone who started the year with £250,000 would lose £24,250 in spending power in the same period, if their move was not accomplished quickly. tt PASSPORT Exchanging currency via banks Visa costs Shipping £10,000 - £50,000 £2,000 (Australia) £5,000 (Australia) £300 - £2000 £3,500 People who used agents managed to save a significant amount compared to those that didn't. (Canada) (Canada / USA) The first step People often forget: most people take: 3 Identity Theft Ensuring all steps are taken to deregister from domestic citizenship to avoid identity theft - ie contacting electoral register, DVLA, HMRC, Local Council. Contracts Vaccinations Britain is free from tropical diseases, as well as others Records Collecting medical records for GP/ Dentist etc. Failure to cancel domestic contracts can incur costly fines e.g. utilities and services. such as TB and rabies. Checking opportunities online and contacting the embassies or consulate. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Australia, Canada, the USA and New Zealand. Shipping vs. buying new things Shipping costs Going directly via a shipping company is 40-50% cheaper than operating via an "international removals" company. The best answer depends on the destination country Global Visas works with shipping firms to get the best possible prices for our customers. Our prices are often 10% cheaper than going direct. Savings when moving Buying new things may be a better option in Canada and the USA, were prices are cheaper than the U.K, Whereas, in Australia the cost of living is high, so if shipping is feasible it is recommended. On average, people who move abroad have £250,000 in savings. This is from the sale of their previous house, car, and other assests. What people wish they had done differently: Top regrets include... 3 CONTRACT tt Insurance: Not arranging medical insurance in advance of arrival. Insurance: Not taking out adequate property insurance for shipping. Contracts: Forgetting ro cancel domestic contracts. Planning the move Things to consider Get your finances in order, consolidate bank Make sure you have at least 2 years left on your passports and apply for your visa. accounts and reduce debts. PASPORT Sort all your personal paperwork: Birth, adoption and marriage certificates, employment refeences, driving licences, qualifications. Talk to your childrens schools about your plans and ask them files. MA 1+2=3 o prepare hand-over 12 MONTHS тO GO Consider talking to your employer about your migration plans. Discuss r plans with extended family and friends. Put your house on the market. Get quotes from removal companies and flights. Book them. If you are shipping pets, make sure they are fully innoculated and fit to travel. Your Vet can advise you. Get quotes / book pet shipment. 6 MONTHS TO GO Open a new bank account in new country destination. Set up a trading account with a currency broker. Request credit references from your bank, building society or any other lending agent. Sell any unwanted items of furniture and clear out cupboards. Clean and paint any garden tools and furniture you plan to take. Items with soil on will be denied entry at customs. Give formal notice to your employer and get your P45. Ask your doctor, dentist, optician for your hand-over files. Request up to date statements on any endowments, pensions and investments. Depending on your tenancy agreement, give notice to your landlord. 2 MONTHS тO GO Book accommodation for each destination 1+2-3 Register children in new schools. on route. Bring council tax and utilities up to date and cancel accounts for TV, internet. phone, insurance. Transfer funds to new account and ensure all your relevant paperwork is in a handy travel BILLS PASSPORT file. address to your bank, Give your change passport office, DVLA, pension company, inland revenue, insurance brokers and Arrange some private health cover for new destination if required. 1 MONTH тO GO accountants. Pay off any outstanding debts. Confirm the removalists are booked. Start packing non essential items. Sell left over unwanted items at a car boot sale, or give to a charity shop. Arrange all your post to be redirected to a friend or relative. Cancel any newspapers, milk or satellite TV subscriptions. NEWS Sell your car, bike, van or any other transport you wont be needing. Cancel car insurance. 1 WEEK TO GO Ensure that your belongings are on Buy some currency for each destination on route to your new home. route to new destination. NEWS Make sure transport to the airport is organised and will arrive in plenty of time for the flight. Pack activity sets and small gifts to amuse young children on the flight. 1 DAY тO GO Get a good night's sleep. Contact people back home to let them know you have arrival safely. Contact your new employer to confirm you have arrived. Set up a Pay-as-you-go mobile phone to start your off - you can buy a cheap SIM card and use it in your UK phone. Take a few days to get over the journey and explore the area. Register at a local school and arrange to meet your children's new teachers. Ensure that they have settled in ok. 1+2=3 SETTLING Get a landline installed and set up internet access. Set up standing orders for utilities. IN Register for your local doctor and dentist. Identify a reliable plumber, electrician and mechanic in your area Consider buying a car sooner rather than later. Get car insurance. Or you can do it the easy way - Global Visas can take care of each stage of your relocation, so you don't have to Sources:,,,,, GlobalVisas

How to relocate to another country

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Global Visas brings you this handy guide on how to relocate to another country, with a schedule of what relocation services you need. Global Visas can help you with every step of the relocation, savin...


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