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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Survivial

HOW TO PREPARE YOUR VEHICLE FOR SURVIVAL THE ROAD AHEAD.. When heading on a long or potentially dangerous journey, it's essential that you correctly prepare your vehicle for any situation. Whether your car is suitable for the conditions you'll face really can be the difference between life and death... THE RIGHT VEHICLE Ensure your car is reliable and has a high ground clearance. For off-roading, be sure your vehicle is a 4x4, giving you the best chance of easily getting over rough terrain without getting bogged down. IMPORTANT VEHICLE CHECKS ELECTRICITY FUEL LIGHTS Check that all the essential Ensure the car has a full Visibility is essențial, so electrical functions on the tank of fuel before you be certain that your car are working and in good leave, and carry spare lights work and you have condition, especially the fuel in a metal jerry can. replacement bulbs. battery and starter motor. TYRES ENGINE OIL RADIATOR Quality tyres with good Make sure the car has Check the radiator traction are essențial. Make plenty of oil, but isn't has enough water, in good isn't damaged and won't cause the tyres over-full. You want the engine to work as smoothly and efficiently as possible. condition, don't have any bald spots or any slow punctures. engine to overheat. ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT Use the best equipment. It is far better to spend money on high quality, reliable equipment than cut corners and find out your gear isn't good enough when you need it the most. PLENTY OF WATER If you breakdown or get lost, you never know where and when you'll be able to find drinkable water next. SPARE PHONE MAPS & COMPASS Keeping a fully charged phone in Being able to find your way and your car can enable you to call for inform others of your location is help if your car breaks down and you need emergency assistance. vital if you become lost. TRACTION LADDERS If you get stuck, traction ladders can save you time and effort, easily getting you out without having to deflate your tyres. SPARE TYRE & CHANGING KIT MATCHES / LIGHTER Being able to light a fire is Carry a spare wheel and wheel changing kit in case you get a essential to survival. A fire will puncture. Ensure you have a pump as you might need to deflate your tyres to get out of sand or bogs. keep you warm, allow you to cook food, purify water, and be seen by anyone trying to find you. CO0 ROPE Quality ropes are always helpful for making shelter and finding food. You can also use the rope to tow your car out of soft ground. BLANKETS & CLOTHING SPADE / SHOVEL You might need to dig your car out if you get stuck in soft ground or bogged down. A shovel can also be used to hold up a shelter. If you have to sleep outdoors, staying warm is essential. A blanket can also be used to create a shelter from the sun. If your clothes get wet, a spare set can prevent hypothermia. PLANNING YOUR JOURNEY If possible, never travel alone, and if you can, use mulțiple vehicles. In the desert, the most common cause of death is vehicle breakdowns. ---> Make sure you have a plan and you stick to it. Inform somebody of your itinerary, especially of when you're going and coming back. If you don't return when you say you will, they can alert the authorities. DRIVING ADVICE STAY IN A DRIVE IN KEEP YOUR HIGH GEAR STRAIGHT LINE THUMBS OUT Pull away in second gear and keep the revs low to make sure you When the road opens Keep your thumbs out of the steering wheel so if you hit a bump, the wheel can move freely and your thumbs won't be damaged. up, it can be tempting to have a bit of fun. Stay sensible and drive in a don't create wheel spin and bog yourself down straight line, this saves fuel and tyres. into the terrain. ATTACH TRACTION LADDERS TO THE VEHICLE Once you've managed to get your car out, you don't want to stop and potentially get stuck again. Tie the ladders to the back of the car and when you're out they will follow behind. Once you are on solid ground again, you can get out and collect them. Make sure nobody stands behind your vehicle when you are using traction ladders. ОТНER TOP TIPS DON'T BE OVER CONFIDENT One of the worst things you can do with the great outdoors is to underestimate it. Treat every decision as if it is a life or death choice. Be aware of what types of weather, animals and terrain you will encounter and pack your equipment accordingly. CONSERVE ENERGY Energy conservation is essential to survival. Saving energy, taking on plenty of liquid, and only exerting yourself when you have to will improve your chances of survival. STAY WITH YOUR VEHICLE Your car is more visible than you are. You have much more chance of being seen and found if you are with your vehicle. FIND SHADE QUICKLY Dehydration is one of the most common reasons people don't make it out of a survival situation. The sun will quickly drain your body's resources and dehydration will cause you to not think clearly. If you can't find shade nearby, use your vehicle and make your own. MAKE SURE YOU CAN FIND YOUR VEHICLE If you have to leave your car to find food or water, ensure you can find your way back to it. Use your rope or a long string and follow it back to your car. DISTRESS SIGNALS If you become lost, knowing how to signal for help will greatly improve your chances of being seen. Drawing a big and visible V on the ground shows anyone who sees it Wave your arms up and down to the side of you to show passers-by you that assistance is required. are in distress, not simply waving. SO LONG & GOOD LUCK SOURCES Ray Mears Extreme Survival TOOLO RDERS QUALI TY IO OLS ONLINE wWW.TOOLORDERS.CO.UK

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Survivial

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